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N39 Longford Abbeycartron, Abbeyderg, Abbey Land, Abbeylara, Abbeyshrule, Acres, Aghaboy, Aghabrack, Aghacordrinan, Aghadegnan, Aghadonagh, Aghadowry, Aghafad, Aghafin, Aghagah, Aghagreagh, Aghakeel, Aghakeeran, Aghakilmore, Aghakine, Aghaloughan, Aghalust, Aghamore, Aghamore Lower, Aghamore Upper, Aghanageeragh, Aghanahown, Aghanapisha, Aghanoran, Aghantrah, Aghanvally, Agharanagh, Aghareagh, Aghareagh Bog, Agharickard, Agharra, Aghavadden, Aghaward, Aghinaspick, Aghintemple, Aghnacally Glebe, Aghnacliff, Aghnacranagh, Aghnacross, Aghnagarron, Aghnagore, Aghnamaddoo, Aghnashannagh, Aghnashingan, Aghnasillagh, Aghnaskea, Aghnavealoge, Allenagh, Annagh, Annaghbeg, Annaghdaniel, Annaghmore, Anrittabeg, Ardagh Demesne, Ardagullion, Ardanragh, Ardboghil, Ardnacassagh, Ardnacrany North, Ardoghil, Ards, Asnagh, Aughine, Back Of The Hill, Ballagh, Ballaghgowla And Froghan, Ballina, Ballinalee, Ballinamore, Ballinamuck, Ballincurry, Ballindagny And Cullyvore, Ballinlough, Ballinreaghan, Ballinree And Ballymoat, Ballinroddy, Ballinrooey, Ballinrud East, Ballinrud Glebe, Ballinrud West, Ballintempan, Ballintober, Ballinulty Lower, Ballinulty Upper, Ballinvoher, Balloo, Ballybeg, Ballyboy, Ballybranigan, Ballybrien, Ballyclare, Ballycloghan, Ballycore, Ballydrum, Ballyduffy, Ballygar, Ballygarve, Ballygate, Ballygibbagh, Ballygilchrist, Ballyglassin, Ballyhoolivan, Ballykenny, Ballyknock, Ballyleague, Ballymaclifford, Ballymacroly, Ballymacshane, Ballymacwilliam, Ballymahon, Ballymakeegan, Ballymaurice, Ballymichan, Ballyminion, Ballymore, Ballymulvey, Ballynacross, Ballynagoshen, Ballynahinch, Ballynakill, Ballynamanagh, Ballynascraw, Ballyreaghan, Ballyrevagh, Ballytoohey, Ballywalter, Ballywillin, Balnagall, Banghill, Barnacor, Barne, Barney, Barneygole, Barragh Beg, Barragh More, Barroe, Barry, Bawn, Bawn Mountain, Begnagh, Beihy, Birrinagh, Bleanavoher, Bohermore, Bohernacross, Bohernameeltoge, Bracklon, Breaghy, Breanrisk, Breanriskcullew, Breany, Brianstown, Brickeens, Briskil, Brocklagh, Brownbog, Bunacloy, Bunalough, Bundoon, Bunlahy, Cahanagh, Caherdague, Caldragh, Caldraghmore, Calfpark, Callanagh Middle, Callanagh Upper, Calliaghstown, Caltragh Beg, Caltragh More, Cam, Camagh, Camlisk Beg, Camlisk More, Carn, Carnagh Upper, Carnan, Carragh, Carrickadorrish, Carrickateane, Carrickbeg, Carrickboy, Carrickduff, Carrickedmond, Carrickglass Demesne, Carrickmaguirk, Carrickmoran, Carrickmoyragh, Carrigeen, Carrigeens, Carrowbeg, Carrow Beg, Carrowdunican, Carrowlinan, Carrowmanagh, Carrow More, Carrownphull, Carrowroe, Carrowrory, Carrowstrawly, Cartoon, Cartron, Cartronageeragh, Cartronamarkey, Cartronawar, Cartron Big, Cartronbore, Cartronboy, Cartronbrack, Cartroncar, Cartronfin, Cartronfree, Cartrongar, Cartrongarrow, Cartrongolan, Cartronlebagh, Cartron Little, Cartronreagh, Cartrons, Cashel, Cashelbeg, Castlebaun, Castlebrock, Castlecore, Castleforbes Demesne, Castlenugent, Castlerea, Castlerea Mountain, Castlewilder, Cavan, Churchquarter, Claras, Cleenrah, Cleggill, Cleraun, Clogh, Cloghan, Cloghchurnel, Clogher And Rinn, Clonbroney, Clonca, Cloncovet, Cloncowley, Clonloaghan, Clonoose Little, Clontumpher, Clontymullan, Clonwhelan, Cloonaddra, Cloonagh, Cloonaghmore, Cloonahard, Cloonahussey, Cloonanny, Cloonanny Glebe, Cloonard, Cloonback, Cloonbalt, Cloonbearla, Cloonbony, Cloonbreany, Cloonbrin, Cloonbrock, Clooncallow, Clooncaulfield, Clooncoose, Clooncullen, Cloondara, Cloonee, Clooneeny, Cloonellan, Cloonelly, Cloonevit, Cloonfide, Cloonfin, Cloonfinfy, Cloonfiugh, Cloonfore, Cloonkeel, Cloonkeen, Cloonker, Cloonlaughil, Cloonmacart, Cloonmee, Cloonmore, Cloonmucker, Cloonmustra, Cloonrallagh, Cloonscott, Cloonsellan, Cloonshannagh, Cloonsheerin, Cloontabeg, Cloontagh, Cloontamore, Cloontirm, Cloontubbrid, Cloonturk, Cloontuskert, Clygeen, Clynan, Colehill, Collum, Commock, Commons, Commons North, Commons South, Coolagherty, Coolamber, Coolcaw, Coolcor, Coolcraff, Cooldoney, Cooleeny, Cooleeshil, Coolnafinnoge, Coolnahinch, Coolvin, Corbaun, Corbeagh, Corboy, Corbrack, Corclaragh, Cordivin, Corglass, Corlagan, Corlea, Cormaglava, Cornacarta, Cornacullew, Cornadowagh, Cornadrung, Cornafunshin, Cornaguillagh, Cornahoo, Cornapark, Corneddan, Cornollen, Corrabaun, Corrabola, Corradooey, Corragarrow, Corralough, Corramagrine, Corraun, Corrinagh, Corrool, Corry, Corrycorka, Corryena, Craane, Cranalagh Beg, Cranalagh More, Cranally, Creagh, Creelaghta, Creenagh, Creevagh Beg, Creevagh More, Creeve, Creevy, Crockaun, Cross, Crossea North, Crossea South, Crott, Crowdrumman, Cuingareen, Cullaboy Lower, Culleenmore, Cullentragh, Culliaghy, Culloge, Culnagore, Culray, Curraghmore, Curreen, Curry, Currycahill, Currycreaghan, Currygrane, Dalystown, Daroge, Deanscurragh, Deerpark, Demesne, Derawley, Derragh, Derraghan Beg, Derraghan More, Derreenavoggy, Derrindiff, Derryad, Derryaroge, Derryart, Derrycashel, Derrycassan, Derrycolumb, Derrydarragh, Derrygeel, Derryglash, Derryglogher, Derrygowna, Derryhanee, Derryharrow, Derryheelan, Derrylough, Derryloughbannow, Derrymacar, Derrymany, Derrymore, Derrynabuntale, Derrynacrit, Derrynacross, Derrynagalliagh, Derrynagran, Derrynaskea, Derryneel, Derryoghil, Derryshannoge, Derryveagh, Doonacurry, Doonameran, Doonamona, Dooroc, Doory, Drinan, Dring, Drumanure, Drumard, Drumbad, Drumbaun, Drumderg, Drumhalry, Drumhaughly, Druminacrehir, Druming, Drumlish, Drumlougher, Drumman, Drummeel, Drumnacooha, Drumnacor, Drumnacross, Drumnahara, Drumnee, Drumroe, Drumure, Drumury, Dunbeggan, Dundavan, Edenmore, Edera, Ederland, Edgeworthstown, Elfeet, Enaghan, Enybegs, Erenagh, Erra, Esker, Esker North, Esker South, Faghey, Fardrumman, Farmullagh, Farnagh, Farraghroe, Farranakill, Farranyoogan, Fearglass South, Feraghfad, Ferskill, Fihoges, Fihoragh, Finnaragh, Finns, Firmount, Forgney, Formoyle, Forthill, Fortwilliam, Fostragh, Foxhall, Foxhall Glebe, Foygh, France, Freaghmeen, Freeduff, Freehalman, Furze, Gaigue, Gallid, Gardentown, Garranboy, Garrowhill, Garryandrew, Garrycam, Garryconnell, Garrynagh, Garvagh, Garvary, Gelshagh, Glack, Glannagh, Glebe, Glen, Glenmore, Glenoghil, Gneeve, Gorteen, Gorteenagloon, Gorteenboy, Gorteenclareen, Gorteengar, Gorteenorna, Gorteenrevagh, Gortgallan, Gowlan, Graffoge, Gragh, Granard, Granardkill, Grassyard, Greagh, Greenhall Lower, Greenhall Upper, Greville, Grillagh, Gubadorris, Halfcartron, Higginstown, Inchcleraun, Inchenagh, Island, Keel, Keelbaun, Keelogalabaun, Keeloge, Keelogenasause, Keeloges, Keenagh, Kilbride, Kilcogy, Kilcommock Glebe, Kilcourcey, Kilcurry, Kilderreen, Kilfintan, Kilfintan Lower, Kilglass And Cloonagh, Killashee, Killashee And Aghakeeran, Killasona, Killeen, Killeenatruan, Killeenboy, Killeendowd, Killeeny, Killeter, Killinawas, Killinbore, Killinlastra, Killinure, Killoe, Killoe Glebe, Killyfad, Kilmahon, Kilmakinlan, Kilmore, Kilmore Lower, Kilmore Upper, Kilmoyle, Kilnacarrow, Kilnacloghy, Kilnasavoge, Kilnashee, Kilsallagh, Kilshruley, Kiltybegs, Kiltyclogh, Kiltycon, Kiltycreevagh, Kiltykeary, Kiltyreher, Kinard, Kinkillew, Knappoge, Knock, Knockagh, Knockagowny, Knockahaw, Knockanbaun, Knockanboy, Knockatarry, Knockavegan, Knockawalky, Knockloughlin, Knockmartin, Knockmoody, Knocknaskea, Lack, Lackan, Laghlooney, Lamagh, Lanesborough, Laragh, Larkfield, Laughil, Leab, Lechurragh, Ledwithstown, Legan, Leggagh, Lehery, Leitrim, Lenaboy, Lettergeeragh, Lettergonnell, Lettergullion, Lightfield, Lisaquill, Lisbrack, Liscahill, Liscormick, Lisdreenagh, Lisduff, Lisfarrell, Lisglassock, Lisgurry, Lislea, Lislom, Lismacmanus, Lismacmurrogh, Lismagawley, Lismagawley Bog, Lismagawley Meadow, Lismagoneen, Lismore, Lismoy, Lisnabo, Lisnacreevy, Lisnacush, Lisnageeragh, Lisnagrish, Lisnamuck, Lisnanagh, Lisnaneane, Lisnatinny, Lisraghtigan, Lisraherty, Lisrevagh, Lisryan, Lissagernal, Lissaghanedan, Lissakit, Lissameen, Lissanisky, Lissanore, Lissanure, Lissanurlan, Lissaquill, Lissard, Lissardowlan, Lissavaddy, Lissawarriff, Lissawly, Listobit, Listraghee, Longfield, Longford, Loughan, Loughfarm, Loughsheedan, Lurgan, Lyanmore, Lyneen, Magheraveen, Meelick, Meeltanagh, Melkagh, Melkernagh, Middleton, Minard, Moatavally, Moatfarrell, Moat Farrell, Moatfield, Moher, Molly, Mollyglass, Mollyroe, Monadarragh, Monaduff, Monascallaghan, Moneyfad, Moneyhoolaghan, Moneylagan, Moor, Mornin, Mosstown, Mount Davys, Mountjessop, Moydow, Moydow Glebe, Moygh, Moyne, Moyra And Fortmill, Muckerstaff, Mucknagh, Mullagh, Mullaghavorneen, Mullagh Bog, Mullaghoran, Mullawornia, Mullingee, Mullinroe, Mullolagher, Nappagh, Newcastle, Newpark, Newport, Newtown, Newtownbond, Newtown Cashel, Newtownflanigan, Newtown Forbes, Nicholastown, Noughaval, Oghil, Oldtown, Pallas Beg, Pallas More, Parkplace, Polladooey, Pollagh, Portanure, Portanure Bog, Pottlebane, Prucklish, Prucklishtown, Queensland, Rabbitpark, Ranaghan, Ranaghanbaun, Rappareehill, Rath, Ratharney, Rathbrackan, Rathcline, Rathcor, Rathcronan, Rath Lower, Rathmore, Rathsallagh, Rath Upper, Rathvaldron, Rhine, Rincoolagh, Ringowny, Rinnenny, Rinroe, Rinvanny, Robinstown, Rockpeyton, Roos, Rosduff, Rossan, Ross More, Saint Anne's Glebe, Saints Island, School Land, Screeboge, Shanballymore, Shanmullagh, Shantum, Sharvoge, Sheeroe, Shrule, Sleehaun, Slieve, Smear, Smithfield, Snugborough, Sonnagh, Soran, Springtown, Sragarrow, Stonepark, Streamstown, Taghsheenod Glebe, Taghshinny, Tang, Tawnagh, Teemore, Templemichael Glebe, Templeton Glebe, Tennalick, Tennalough, Tennyphobble, Termonbarry, Tinnynarr, Tipper, Tirlickeen, Tober, Toberfelim, Toghernaross, Toneen, Tonlegee, Tonymore North, Tonymore South, Tonywardan, Toome, Toorevagh, Toorfin, Torboy, Townparks, Treanboy, Treel, Trillickacurry, Trillickatemple, Tromra, Tully, Tullybaun, Tullygullin, Tullyvrane, Turreen, Twentyacres, Vicarsfield Glebe, Vicarstown, Whitehall, Whiterock, Willsbrook, Woodlawn,
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