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H53 Ballinasloe Abbeyfield, Abbeygormacan, Abbeyland Great, Abbeyland Little, Abbeypark, Acre East, Acres, Acre West, Addergoole North, Addergoole South, Addergoole West, Aghafadda, Aghanahil, Aghany, Agrimhill, Ahanduff Beg, Ahanduff More, Ahascragh, Ahascragh East, Ahascragh West, Ahaun, Alloonbaun, Alloon Lower, Alloon Upper, Annagh, Annaghbeg, Annaghcallow, Annaghcorrib, Annaghmore East, Annaghmore West, Ardane, Ardberreen, Ardcarn, Ardcolman, Ardgraigue, Ardranny Beg, Ardranny More, Ardros, Ardultagh, Ashbrook, Ashfield, Ashford, Attibrassil, Atticoffey East, Atticoffey West, Atticorra, Attidavock, Attidermot, Attigara, Attikee, Attimany, Attiregan, Attirory, Aughrim, Back, Ballaghduff, Ballagh East, Ballaghnagrosheen, Ballagh West, Ballina, Ballinamore Bridge, Ballinasloe, Ballinderry, Ballingatta, Ballinlass, Ballinlough, Ballinlug, Ballinphuill, Ballinrooaun, Ballintleva, Ballintober, Ballinvoher North, Ballinvoher South, Ballooly, Ballyara, Ballyboggan, Ballybrian, Ballycahill, Ballycrossaun, Ballydonagh, Ballydonnellan East, Ballydonnellan West, Ballydoogan, Ballyedmond, Ballyeighter, Ballyforan, Ballyglass, Ballygortagh, Ballygrany, Ballyhanry, Ballyhoolahan, Ballyhoose, Ballyhugh, Ballyluoge, Ballymabilla, Ballymacward, Ballymageraghty, Ballymanagh, Ballymartin, Ballymintan, Ballymore Lower, Ballymore Upper, Ballynabanaba, Ballynaclogh, Ballynacorra, Ballynahattina, Ballynaheskeragh, Ballynahown, Ballynahowna, Ballynakill, Ballynalahy, Ballynamockagh, Ballynamuddagh, Ballynasooragh Eighter, Ballynasooragh Oughter, Ballyshrule, Ballyterrim, Ballyturick, Ballyvaheen, Ballyvoneen, Barnaboy, Barnacragh, Barnavihall, Barnpark, Barnwellsgrove, Baunoges, Beaghbeg, Beech Hill, Beefield, Belderny North, Belderny South, Bellafa, Bellagill, Bellaneeny, Belview, Bigisland, Bishops Islands, Blacksticks, Boggauns, Bogpark, Boherbannagh, Boley, Boleyduff, Boleymore, Boleyroe, Boughil, Bouluskeagh, Bovinion, Brackernagh, Bracklagh, Bredagh, Breeole, Breeole West, Brierfield, Brierfield North, Brierfield South, Budellagh And Cloghbrack, Bunavan, Buncam, Callow, Callow Beg, Callow More, Caltra, Caltraghbreedy, Caltraghcreen, Caltraghduff, Caltraghlea, Caltrapallas, Camlagh, Camus, Capira, Cappacuilla, Cappagh, Cappakeela, Cappaluane, Cappanaghtan, Cappantruhaun, Cappasallagh, Cappataggle, Cappaveha, Caraun Beg, Caraun More, Carrowduff And Garbally, Carrowholla, Carrowkeel, Carrowleana, Carrowmore, Carrowmore East, Carrowmore West, Carrownabo, Carrownacregg East, Carrownacregg West, Carrownadurly, Carrownafinnoge, Carrownafreevy, Carrownagannive, Carrownagappul, Carrownakelly, Carrownea, Carrownea Lower, Carrownea Upper, Carrowntarriff, Carrowntober East, Carrowntober West, Carrownure, Cartrondoogan, Cartronearl, Cartronkilly, Cartronsheela, Castlebellew, Castlebin East, Castlebin North, Castlebin South, Castleblakeney, Castle Ffrench, Castle Ffrench East, Castle Ffrench West, Castlegar, Castlegar East, Castlegar West, Castletown, Cave, Chapelpark, Charlestown, Chelsea, Claggernagh East, Claggernagh West, Clarary, Claremadden, Cleaghbeg, Cleaghgarve, Cleaghmore, Clogh, Cloghagalla Eighter, Cloghagalla Oughter, Cloghatanna, Cloghbrack, Clonbern, Clonbrock, Clonbrock Demesne, Clonfert, Clonfert Demesne, Clonfert Demesne Bog, Clonfert North, Clonfert South, Clonkeenkerrill, Clontuskert, Cloonacalleen, Cloonacaltry, Cloonaddron, Cloonagh, Cloonaghbrack, Cloonaghmore, Cloonahinch, Cloonameragaun, Cloonascarberry South, Cloonatleva Lower, Cloonatleva Upper, Cloonatloukaun, Cloonavihony, Cloonbanniv, Cloonbenes, Cloonbigny, Cloonbornia, Clooncallaga, Clooncallis, Clooncona, Cloonconabeg, Cloonconore, Cloonconra, Clooncoran, Clooncurreen, Clooneen, Cloonfinnoge, Cloongawna, Cloonigny, Cloonineen, Cloonkea, Cloonkeen, Cloonkeenclare, Cloonkeen East, Cloonkeenleananode, Cloonkeennagran, Cloonkeen Oughter, Cloonkeen West, Cloonlahan, Cloonmoylan, Cloonmweelaun, Cloonnabricka, Cloonnacat, Cloonnacusha, Cloonnagark, Cloonnamaskry, Cloonoghil, Cloonoolish, Cloonoran, Cloonoranoughter, Cloonpee, Cloonreleagh, Cloonreleagh East, Cloonreleagh West, Cloonshease, Cloonshee, Cloonsheecahill, Cloonshivna, Cloonyconaun, Cloonykeevan, Cloonymorris, Cloverfield, Cloverpark, Cogaula, Colmanstown, Commeen, Commons, Conorspark, Cool, Coolacurn North, Coolacurn South, Coolagarraun, Coolatober, Coolbaun, Coolbaun West, Coolbeg, Coolcarta East, Coolcarta West, Coolderry, Cooldorragh, Cooldorragha, Cooleeny East, Cooleeny West, Coolfree, Coolnageeragh, Coololla, Cooloo, Cooloo Mountain, Coolpowra, Cooltymurraghy, Coolwoneen, Coppanagh, Corbally Beg, Corballymore And Camgort, Corgerry Eighter, Corgerry Oughter, Cormacuagh East, Cormacuagh West, Cornadrum, Cornamucklagh, Cornananta Beg, Cornananta More, Corr, Corrabaun, Corracoolia, Corracullin, Corramaeeagh, Corraneena, Corraree And Ballygatta, Correenbeg, Corry, Corskeagh, Course, Coxtown, Craughwell, Creagh, Creeharmore, Creeraun, Creevagh, Creeveroe, Cregganycarna, Creggaun, Creggaunnagroagh, Creggauns, Creggeen, Cronin, Cross, Crossconnell Beg, Crossconnell More, Cross Eighter, Crossmacrin, Cross Oughter, Crowsnest, Crummagh, Cuddoo East, Cuddoo West, Cuilfadda And Derrinshin, Cuilleen, Cuilleenirwan, Cuilleenoolagh, Cuilmore, Cuilsallagh, Culliagharny, Culliaghbeg, Culliaghmore, Culnagore, Currafarry, Curragh, Curraghadoon, Curraghagower, Curragh Beg, Curraghboy, Curraghlehanagh, Curragh More, Curry, Dalysgrove, Derradda, Derradda South, Derreenboy, Derreen Lower, Derreen Upper, Derrew, Derrinlough, Derroogh, Derrooghs, Derrycahill, Derryfadda, Derryglassaun, Derryhiveny North, Derryhiveny South, Derrymore, Derrymullan, Derrynabrin, Derrynamanagh, Derrysiskal, Derryvunlam, Doocreggaun, Dooghcloon, Doonaree, Doonaun, Doon Lower, Doon Upper, Doonwood, Dooros, Drimna East, Drimna West, Drum, Drumeyre, Drumhogan, Drumscar, Dundonnell, Dundoogan, Dunlo, Dysert, Easterfield, Eastwell, Eglish, Ellagh, Elmhill, Englishtown, Ervallagh Eighter, Ervallagh Oughter, Esker, Eskerballycahill, Eskerboy, Eskerkeel, Eskermore, Eskermurry, Eskerroe, Eyrecourt, Eyrecourt Demesne, Fahy, Fairfield, Fairhill, Fairyhill, Feacle, Feagh, Feaghbeg, Feaghmore Eighter, Feaghmore Oughter, Fearmore, Feevagh, Feevagh Beg, Feevagh More, Ffrenchpark, Ffrench's Acres, Foats, Fohanagh, Foolagh, Friarsisland, Friarsland, Fynagh, Gallagh, Gannaveen, Gannow, Garbally, Garbally Demesne, Garrafine, Garrison, Garryad And Garryduff, Garryduff, Garrylawrence, Garrynagran, Garrynamishaun, Garrynasillagh, Garrynphort, Gilkagh, Glebe, Glen, Glenaun, Glenloughaun, Glenmore, Glennamucka, Glennanea, Glennavaddoge, Glenrevagh, Glentaun, Goatland, Gortacoosaun, Gortadeegan, Gortadullisk, Gortaganny, Gortaha, Gortalough, Gortaloughane, Gortanabla, Gortananny, Gortanummera, Gortaphuill, Gortavally, Gortavoher, Gortawullaun, Gortbrack, Gortbrackmoor, Gorteen, Gorteenaveela, Gorteenawillin, Gorteencahill, Gorteenlahard, Gorteenphadder, Gortfadda, Gortgarrow, Gortknappagh, Gortlemon, Gortlusky, Gortmore, Gortnaboha, Gortnacloghy, Gortnacooheen, Gortnacross, Gortnaglogh, Gortnahaskany, Gortnahimrissan, Gortnahoon, Gortnahorna, Gortnahultra, Gortnakilla, Gortnalone North, Gortnalug, Gortnamona, Gortnaraheen, Gortnasharvoge, Gortrea, Gortronnagh, Gortroyan East, Gortroyan West, Gortyneill, Gowil, Gowla, Graigue, Graigueagowan, Graigueakilleen, Graigueawoneen, Graiguenavaddoge, Grange, Graveshill, Greenhills, Greenville, Gunnode, Hampstead, Hardwood, Hazelfort, Hearnesbrooke Demesne, Heathlawn, Highfield, Highpark, Highstreet, Hillswood, Hundredacres, Island, Islands, Jamestown, Keave, Keeloge, Keeloges, Keenaghan, Kellysgrove, Kentstown, Kilbeg, Kilbegly, Kilclogh, Kilcloony, Kilcommadan, Kilconnell, Kilcoosh, Kilcornan, Kilcrin, Kilcrow, Kilfelligy, Kilgarve, Kilgerrill, Kilglass, Kilhonerush, Kilkenny, Kilkerrin, Kill, Killaan, Killachunna, Killaderry, Killadullisk, Killaghaun, Killagh Beg, Killagh More, Killallaghtan, Killamude East, Killamude West, Killareeny, Killasmuggaun, Killavoher, Killeen, Killeen East, Killeen North, Killeen South, Killeen West, Killeglan, Killevny, Killian, Killiane, Killimor, Killimor And Boleybeg, Killooaun, Killoran, Killoscobe, Killosolan, Killuppaun, Killure Beg, Killure Castle, Killure More, Kilmachugh, Kilmalaw, Kilmalinoge, Kilnahown, Kilnamullaun, Kilquain, Kiltormer, Kiltormer East, Kiltormer West, Kinclare, Kinnaveelish, Kinreask, Kippaunagh, Knavagh, Knock, Knockaboy, Knockaun, Knockaunroe, Knockavilla, Knockglass, Knockmore, Knocknaboley, Knocknagappagh, Knocknagreana, Lackagh, Laghtonora, Lahacrogher, Lakefield, Lattoon, Laughil, Laurencetown, Lavagh, Lecarrowmactully, Lecarrowntruhaun, Lehanagh, Lehinch, Lenafin, Lenaloughra, Lenareagh, Lerhin, Lickmolassy, Lisbeg, Liscappul, Liscloonmeeltoge, Liscuill, Liscune Lower, Liscune Upper, Lisdeligny, Lisdonnellroe, Lisdooaun, Lisduff South, Lisduneen, Lisfinny, Lisgar, Lisgub, Lisgub East, Lisgub West, Lisheen, Lisheenaguile, Lisheennavannoge, Liskelly, Lislea, Lisloughlin, Lismacteige, Lismafadda, Lismanny, Lismihil, Lismoes, Lismore Demesne, Lismoyle, Lisnaclassagh, Lisnagree, Lisnamoltaun, Lisnamucklagh, Lisnascreena, Lispheasty, Lissacarha, Lissacullaun, Lissanacody, Lissaniska North, Lissaniska South, Lissapharson, Lissaphuca, Lissard, Lissavahaun, Lissavruggy, Lissawullaun, Lisseenamanragh, Lissyegan, Liswilliam, Longford, Loonaghtan, Loughaclerybeg, Loughaunboy, Loughaunbrean, Loughaunnavaag, Loughaunroe East, Loughaunroe West, Loughbown, Loughturk East, Loughturk West, Lowpark, Lowville, Lugboy, Lughanagh, Lurgan Beg, Lurgan Great, Lurgan Little, Lurgan More, Lurganshanny, Mackney, Magheramore, Magheranearla, Marganure, Marlay, Meeneen, Menlough, Menlough Commons, Menlough Eighter, Menlough Oughter, Millpark, Milltown, Moannakeeba East, Moannakeeba West, Moaty, Moher, Monagormley, Monairmore, Monambraher, Moneen, Moneenaheeltia, Moneenaveena, Moneyveen, Mountain, Mountbellew Bridge, Mountbellew Demesne, Mountbernard, Mounthazel, Mountsilk, Mountventure, Moyarwood, Moylough, Moylough Beg, Moylough More, Moyower, Moyure, Muckanagh, Muckloon, Muing, Muingbaun, Mullaghardagh, Mullaghmore East, Mullaghmore North, Mullaghmore South, Mullaghmore West, Nail, Newbridge, Newforest, Newgrove, New Inn, Newtowneyre, Newtownkelly, Northbrook, Nunsacre, Oatfield, Oghil Beg, Oghil More, Oldstreet, Onagh, Oultort, Owenavaddy, Oxgrove, Park East, Parkmore, Park West, Perssepark, Pollacrossaun, Pollatlugga, Pollboy, Polleighter, Pollfeeneen, Pollnabrone, Pollnahincha, Polltalloon West, Poppyhill, Porteen And Ballyrevagh, Porteen And Ballyrevagh West, Portnick, Portumna, Portumna Demesne, Prospect Demesne, Queensacres, Radullaan, Rahally, Rahins, Rathbaun, Rathglass, Rathmoreahanduff, Rathmore Demesne, Rathpeak, Rayhill, Reaskmore, Richmond, Riversdale, Rockfield East, Rockfield West, Rockland, Rooaun, Rooaun Bog And Meadow, Rooghan, Rusheeny, Rushestown, Saint Brendan's, Sawnagh, Scarreth, Scregg East, Scregg West, Shanballard, Shanballybeg, Shanballycolman, Shanballyeeshal, Shanballylosky, Shanballymore, Shanboley, Shankill, Shankill East, Shankill West, Shanvoley, Sheean, Sheeaun, Sheeaunrush, Sheepwalk, Skeavally, Skecoor, Skehanagh, Skehanagh North, Skehanagh South, Skenageehy, Slaghta, Slievedotia, Slieveroe, Slihaun Beg, Slihaun More, Somerset, Sonnagh, Springfield, Springlawn, Sraduff, Srah, Srahaun, Srahgarve, Srahloughra, Sralea, Sruhaunfusta, Stonyisland, Stowlin, Stream, Streamsford, Suckfield, Summerhill, Summerville, Sycamorehill, Taghboy, Taghmaconnell, Taylorstown, Temple, Templemoyle, Templepark, Thornfield, Tiaquin Demesne, Ticooly, Timadooaun, Timard, Timsallagh, Tiranascragh, Tirconnelbeg, Tirrooaun, Tirur, Tobergrellan, Tobermacloughlin, Togher, Toghergar, Tomree, Tonacurra, Tonalig, Tonlemone, Toomard, Tooree, Tooreenard, Toormacleane, Toormore, Tormaun, Torpan Beg, Torpan More, Townparks, Trasternagh North, Trasternagh South, Treananearla, Treanbaun, Treanrevagh, Trihill East, Trihill West, Tristaun, Trust, Tullaghaun, Tullawicky, Tullinlicky, Tully, Tullyneeny, Tulrush, Tummerillaun, Turksland, Turlaghmore, Turrock, Urraghry, Walshtown, Weston, Whitegates, Whitepark, Windfield, Windfield Demesne, Windfield Lower, Windfield Upper, Woodberry, Woodbrook, Woodfield, Woodlawn,
H54 Tuam Abbert, Abbert Demesne, Abbey, Abbeyland North, Abbeyland South, Acres, Addergoole Beg, Addergoole More, Aghlisk, Ahgloragh, Airgloony, Anbally, Annagh, Annagh Hill, Ardacong, Ardawarry, Ardcloon, Ardnagall, Ardnasodan, Ardour, Ardrumkilla, Ardskea Beg, Ardskea More, Attiflynn, Ballagh, Ballaghalode, Ballaghbaun, Ballaghdorragha, Ballagh East, Ballagh West, Ballina, Ballinderry, Ballinphuil, Ballintava, Ballintise, Ballintleva, Ballinulty, Ballybanagher, Ballycusheen, Ballydotia East, Ballydotia West, Ballygaddy, Ballyglooneen, Ballyglunin, Ballyheeragh, Ballykeaghra, Ballymary, Ballymoat, Ballymoney North, Ballymoney South, Ballynacreg North, Ballynacreg South, Ballynagittagh, Ballynakilla, Ballynamona, Ballynapark, Ballynastuckaun, Ballytrasna, Ballywataire, Ballyweela, Banagher, Barbersfort, Barnacurragh, Barnaderg, Barnaderg North, Barnaderg South, Baunmore, Baunoges North, Baunoges South, Beagh, Beaghbaun, Beagh More, Beaghroe, Belclare, Bellaconeen, Belmont, Bettyspark, Biggera Beg, Biggera More, Birmingham Demesne, Blackacre, Blindwell, Boadaun, Bohercuill, Boleylaan, Bracklagh, Breanra, Brockagh, Brooklodge Demesne, Brownsgrove, Brownsisland, Bulcaun, Bullaun, Bunagarraun, Caherakeeny, Caheravoley, Caherhugh, Cahernaglass, Cahernagry, Cahernahoon, Caherphuca, Cappadavock, Carheens, Carheenshowagh, Carnaun, Carrowbeg North, Carrowbeg South, Carrowculleen, Carrowgorm, Carrowkeelanahglass, Carrowmacowan, Carrowmanagh, Carrowmoneen, Carrowmunniagh, Carrownagarraun, Carrownagarry, Carrownageeha, Carrownagur, Carrownaherick East, Carrownaherick West, Carrownaseer North, Carrownaseer South, Carrowntanlis, Carrowntemple, Carrowntomush, Carrowntootagh, Carrowntryla, Carrowpadeen East, Carrowpadeen West, Carrowpeter, Carrowreagh, Carrowreagh East, Carrowreagh West, Carrowrevagh Beg, Carrowrevagh More, Carrowroe East, Carrowroe West, Cartronroe, Cashlaundarragh, Castle, Castlefarm, Castlegrove East, Castlegrove West, Castlehacket, Castlemoyle, Castletown, Chapelfield, Claddagh East, Claddagh West, Claretuam, Clashaganny, Clashard, Claureen, Cloghans Beg, Cloghans Hill, Cloghans More, Clogherboy, Clogh North, Clogh South, Cloonagawnagh, Cloonagh, Cloonaghgarve, Cloonanaff, Cloonarkan, Cloonascragh, Cloonbar, Cloonboo Beg, Cloonboo More, Cloonbrusk, Cloonconra, Cloondahamper, Cloondarone, Cloondergan, Cloondroon, Clooneen, Cloonfane, Cloonfush, Clooninagh, Cloonkeen Eighter, Cloonkeen North, Cloonkeen South, Cloonlusk, Cloonmore, Cloonmoyle, Cloonmweelaun, Cloonnacorra, Cloonnacross, Cloonnaglasha, Cloonriddia, Cloonsheen, Cloonteen, Cloontooa, Cluid, Common, Cooladooaun, Cooldorragha, Cooleen, Coolfowerbeg, Coollicknalea, Cooloorta, Coolpark, Coolrevagh, Coothagh, Corbally, Corbally North, Corbally South, Cormeelick North, Cormeelick South, Cornacartan, Cornaminaun, Corrafaireen, Corralea West, Corrandrum, Corrofin, Corry, Corskeagh Beg, Corskeagh More, Cottage, Creevaghbaun, Crumlin, Cuilbeg, Culleen, Culliagh North, Culliagh South, Cummer, Curraghaderry, Curraghaun, Curraghcreen, Curragh West, Curry Eighter, Currylaur, Curry Oughter, Dalgin, Danganbeg, Dangan Eighter, Dangan Oughter, Darrary North, Darrary South, Dawros, Dawros Lower, Dawros Upper, Demesne, Derreen, Derrybaun, Derrynagran, Doonbeg, Drinaun, Drumaskin, Drumbane, Drumbulcaun, Dunblaney, Dunmore, Dunmore Demesne, Farmhill, Farrannabox, Farrannamartin, Fartagar, Fartamore, Feagh East, Feagh West, Fearagha, Fear Beg, Fear More, Firpark, Flaskagh Beg, Flaskagh More, Fortbrown, Fortpark, Gardenfield, Garra, Garracloon, Garrafrauns, Garraun, Garraunbaun, Garraun Beg, Garrauncreen, Garraun More, Garraun North, Garrauns, Garraun South, Garrymore, Gaterstreet, Ginnaun, Glen, Glennafosha, Glennaneeny, Glennaveel, Goldenpark, Gortagarraun, Gortaleam, Gortbeg, Gortnagoyne, Gortnagunned, Gortnalea, Gortnaloura, Gortnasculloge, Graddoge, Graigue, Graigueachullaire, Graiguebaun, Halfstraddle, Hillsbrook Demesne, Hillswood East, Hillswood West, Illaun, Ironpool, Johnstown, Joycegrove, Kead, Keeloges, Kilcloghans, Kilcloony, Kilconly, Kilcreevanty, Kilcurrivard, Kilcurriv Eighter, Kilgarriff North, Kilgarriff South, Kilgarve North, Kilgarve South, Kilgevrin, Killaloonty, Killeelaun, Killeenan Beg, Killeenan More, Killeighter, Killerneen, Killower, Killuney, Kilnalappa, Kilnaslieve, Kilphrasoga, Kilshanvy, Kiltivna, Kilwullaun, Knockacarrigeen, Knockaloura East, Knockaloura West, Knockatee East, Knockatee West, Knockaunbrack, Knockaunkeel, Knockaunnagat, Knockavanny, Knockballyvishteal, Knockroe, Lack, Lackanroe, Lambhill, Laragh Beg, Laragh More, Laurclavagh, Lehid, Lenaboy, Lenamore, Levally, Levally East, Levally West, Lindsay's Farm, Lisconly, Lisduff, Liskeevy, Lisnaminaun, Liss, Lissaleen, Lissananny, Lissaniska, Lissavally, Lissavally Glebe, Lissybroder, Lissyconor, Lomaunaghbaun, Lomaunaghroe, Loughanspark, Loughpark, Mahanagh, Manuslynn, Marley, Masmore, Meelickbeg, Meelick East, Meelickmore, Meelick West, Meenleana, Menus, Menus Park, Milford Demesne, Milltown, Moher, Monacow, Moneen, Moneenpollagh, Monumentpark, Mountpotter, Moyne, Mullagh, Mullaghmarkagh, Mylespark, Oakwood North, Oakwood South, Omaun Beg, Omaun More, Oultauns, Paddock, Parkanallacan, Parkgarve, Parklaur, Parkmore, Peak, Pollacappul, Pollacorragune, Pollacossaun Eighter, Pollacossaun Oughter, Polladooey, Pollaphuca, Pollaturick, Pollaturk, Pollawarla, Pollbaun, Polldarragh, Polldorragha, Polleens, Pollnahallia, Pollnamal, Pollsillagh, Prospect, Quarrymount, Quarter, Quaybaun, Queensfort, Quinaltagh, Rahogarty North, Rahogarty South, Rathgranagher, Rathmore, Rinkippeen, Rosmearan, Roy, Rusheens North, Rusheens South, Russelstown, Ryehill, Shancloon, Shrule, Slieve, Slievedarragh, Slievegorm, Stonepark, Stowelodge, Stripe South, Sunhill, Sylaun, Sylaun East, Sylaunnagran, Sylaun West, Tawnaghbaun, Tawnaghbeg, Tawnagh East, Tawnaghmore, Thomastown, Tigreenaun, Tinkershill, Tirboy, Toberjarlath, Tobermina, Tobernaclug, Toberroe, Togher Beg, Togher More, Tonamace, Tonlegee, Tonmoyle, Tonrevagh, Treanbaun, Tuam, Tullybeg North, Tullybeg South, Tulrush, Turloughcartron, Turloughmartin, Turloughour, Turloughrevagh, Twentyacres, Ummeracly East, Ummeracly West, Urracly, Vicarschoral Land, Woodfield, Woodquay,
H62 Loughrea Abberanville, Abbey, Abbeyville, Acre Beg, Acre More, Acres, Alleendarra East, Alleendarra West, Allygola, Allykeolaun, Annaghbride, Ardnadoman East, Ardnadoman West, Ballindrimna, Ballingarry, Ballinlaur, Ballinlawless, Ballinlough, Ballinsmaul, Ballintober East, Ballintober West, Ballyargadaun, Ballybackagh, Ballybroder, Ballycoony, Ballycorban, Ballycuddy, Ballydaly, Ballydavid, Ballydonagh, Ballydoogan, Ballyfintan, Ballygasty, Ballygowan, Ballygunneen, Ballyhogan, Ballykeeran, Ballyknock, Ballyleen, Ballymerret, Ballymullen, Ballymurry, Ballynacurragh, Ballynagar, Ballynagran, Ballynagreeve, Ballynahistil, Ballynakill, Ballynamucka, Ballynamurdoon, Ballyscully, Barnaboy, Barragarraun, Barratoor, Baunoge, Bauntia, Baunyknav, Bellalegaun, Bellayarha North, Bellayarha South, Ben Beg, Ben More, Boggaun, Bohaboy, Boherduff, Bolag, Boleybeg, Boleycurheen, Boleynaminna, Boleynanollag, Bookeen, Brackery, Brackery North, Brackery South, Bracklagh, Bracklagh Grange, Brackloonbeg, Bridgepark, Bullaun, Bunnaglass, Burroge, Bushfield, Caheratrim, Cahercrea East, Cahercrea West, Caherhenryhoe, Caherlavine, Caherlinny, Cahernagarry, Cahernagormuck, Cahernaman, Cahernamona, Cahernamuck East, Cahernamuck West, Caheronaun, Cahertinny, Caherwalter, Callatra, Cappacur, Cappaghcon, Cappaghconbeg, Cappaghcon East, Cappaghcon West, Caraunduff, Carheendoo, Carhoon, Carn, Carnaun, Carra, Carrowclogh, Carrowcreevanagh, Carrowcrin, Carrowntober, Carrowshanbally, Cartron North, Cartron South, Castleboy, Castlenancy, Castlepark, Castletown, Clogharoasty, Cloghastookeen, Cloghaun, Cloghbrack, Cloghvoley, Clonco, Cloonacastle, Cloondadauv, Cloonlee, Cloonmain, Cloonoo East, Cloonoon, Cloonoo West, Cloonprask, Coarseparks, Commons, Commons East, Commons West, Conicar, Connet, Coolagh, Cooleeny, Coolfin, Cooracurkia, Coorbaun, Coos North, Coppanagh, Corbally, Corbally More, Corbaun, Cormick, Cosmona, Cossaunaclamper, Cregg, Creggpark, Cuilleendaeagh, Cullenagh, Curheen, Curhoor, Curragh, Curraghroe, Curraghs, Cuscarrick, Dalystown Demesne, Dartfield, Derreennamucka, Derrybeg, Derrybrien East, Derrybrien North, Derrybrien South, Derrybrien West, Derrycrag, Derryfrench, Derrygarriff, Derrygill, Derrykeel, Derrylahan, Derryoober East, Derryoober West, Derrywee East, Derrywee West, Doogarraun, Doon, Dooros, Drought, Drumatober, Drumkeary East, Drumkeary West, Drummin, Drumminnamuckla North, Drumminnamuckla South, Duniry, Eaglehill, Earlspark, Emlagh, Eskershanore, Fairfield, Farranalynch, Farta, Feagh, Feebrack, Finnure, Foxhall, Foxhall Little, Friary, Funshadaun, Furzypark, Galboley, Garraunnameetagh, Garraunphaudeen, Garryboghala, Garryhubert, Garrynaglogh, Glenaclara East, Glenaclara West, Glenatallan, Glenmeen, Glennaskehy, Glennaslat, Gortaneare, Gortard, Gortawullaun, Gortcam, Gortdrishagh, Gorteenanillaun, Gorteenapheebera, Gorteenayanka, Gorteennabohogy, Gorteeny, Gortnagleav, Gortnakilla, Gortnamannagh East, Gortnamannagh West, Gortnamona, Gortnasillagh, Gortsheela, Gortymadden, Graigue, Grallagh, Grange Beg, Grange More, Grangepark, Greeneenagh, Inchamore, Inchy, Isertkelly North, Isertkelly South, Kanargad, Kilbeg, Kilboght, Kilbride, Kilchreest, Kilcooly, Kilcorban, Killaspugmoylan, Killederdaowen, Killeenadeema, Killeenadeema East, Killeenadeema West, Killescragh, Kilmacrah, Kilmeen, Kilmurry, Kilnagappagh, Kilreekill, Kincullia, Knockadaumore, Knockadikeen, Knockadrum, Knockanima, Knockash, Knockaun, Knockauncarragh, Knockauncoura, Knockaundarragh, Knockauneevin And Ballywatteen, Knockaunnakirkeen, Knockbaron, Knockbaun, Knockdrummore, Knockmoyle East, Knockmoyle West, Knockshangarry, Kylagowan, Kyleaglannawood, Kylebeg, Kylebrack, Kylebrack East, Kylebrack West, Kyleegan, Kylegarriff, Kylenagappa, Kylenamelly, Lackabaun, Lackafinna North, Lackafinna South, Lackalea, Lackan, Laggoo, Larraga, Laughil, Leamcon, Lecarrownagappoge, Lecarrow North, Lecarrow South, Leitrim Beg, Leitrim More, Limehill, Liscoyle, Lisdurra, Lisheenaclara, Lisheenahevnia, Lisheenaleen, Lisheennagat, Lisheen North, Lisheen South, Lisheeny, Lisnagry, Liss, Lissalumma, Lissanard East, Lissanard West, Lissaniska, Lissaphuca, Looscaun, Loughatorick North, Loughatorick South, Loughaun, Loughpark, Loughrea, Lurgan, Marblehill, Masonbrook, Meanus, Meheranspark, Moanmore, Moanmore East, Moanmore West, Monearmore, Moor, Mountainpark, Mountpleasant, Moyglass, Moyleen, Mullagh Beg, Mullagh More, Newgrove, Newtownbracklagh, Newtown North, Newtown South, Oghilly, Pallas, Parkagarraun, Parknahown, Pollacurra, Pollagoona Mountain, Pollnashinnagh, Pollroebuck, Polltalloon East, Quarryhill, Racecourse, Rafarn, Raheen Eighter, Raheen Oughter, Rahyconor, Ranamackan, Raruddy East, Raruddy West, Reaghan, Reask, Reaskrevagh, Redpark, Reynabrone, Reyrawer, Rosmore, Ross, Rosseeshal, Rostollus, Rosturra, Roxborough, Saint Laurencesfields, Shangarry, Shanvoher, Silverstream, Slatefield, Sonnagh New, Sonnagh Old, Spring Garden, Srahaunananta, Srahdoo, Sraheendoo, Streamstown, Tinageeragh, Tomany Beg, Tomany More, Tomanynambraher, Tonaroasty, Tonbaun, Tooloobauntemple, Tooreen North, Tooreen South, Toorleitra, Toormacnevin, Toorsmuttaun, Traskernagh, Tulla, Tullagh Lower, Tullagh Upper, Turoe, Tynagh, Ulicksmountain, Wallscourt, Wellpark, Woodford,
H65 Athenry Athenry, Attimonbeg, Attimonmore North, Attimonmore South, Attymon, Backpark, Ballinloughaun, Ballinvoher, Ballybackagh, Ballyboggan, Ballybrone, Ballydavid Middle, Ballydavid North, Ballydavid South, Ballygarraun North, Ballygarraun South, Ballygarraun West, Ballyglass, Ballynaboorkagh, Ballynahown, Ballynanulty, Ballynasheeoge, Ballyskeagh, Barnaboy, Baunmore, Belleville Demesne, Bingarra, Binn, Blean, Bookeen North, Bookeen South, Bottom, Boyhill, Brackloon, Brusk, Caherakilleen, Caherateemore North, Caherateemore South, Caherbriskaun, Cahercrin, Caherlissakill, Cahernalee, Caherroyn, Canteeny, Cappaghmoyle, Cappaghnanool, Cappanasruhaun, Caraun, Caraunduff, Carheenlea, Carheennascovoge, Carnakelly, Carnakelly North, Carnakelly South, Carnaun, Carraunrevagh, Carrowbaun, Carrowferrikeen, Carrownaglogh, Carrowntober East, Carrowntober West, Carrowroe North, Carrowroe South, Cashla, Castle Ellen, Castlelambert, Castleturvin, Clamperpark, Clashaganny, Clogharevaun, Cloonbrusk, Clooncah, Cloonkeenbeg, Cloonkeenmore North, Cloonkeenmore South, Cloonnavaddoge, Cloran, Coolaran, Corralea, Corrandoo, Corrantarramud, Cossaun, Costellospark, Crooroe Park, Cullairbaun, Curragh Beg, Curragh More, Derrydonnell More, Derrymaclaughna, Dunsandle, Fahysvillage, Farranablake East, Farranablake West, Farravaun, Furzypark, Garraunard, Glenmore, Glennagloghaun, Glennagloghaun North, Glennagloghaun South, Glennaslat, Gloves East, Gloves Middle, Gloves South, Gloves West, Gortakeeran, Gortavaura, Gorteenacra, Gorteendrishagh, Gortnaglogh, Gortnahown, Gortnalone South, Gortroe, Graigabbey, Graigabbey South, Grange East, Greethill, Greyford, Hundredacres, Island, Kilbeg, Kilcornan, Killaclogher, Killarriv, Killascaul, Killimor, Kilskeagh, Kiltullagh, Kiltullagh North, Kiltullagh South, Kingsland North, Kingsland South, Knockatogher, Knockatoor, Knockauncarragh, Knockaunglass, Knockbaun, Knockcorrandoo, Knockdoemore, Knocknacreeva, Knocknadaula, Lackagh Beg, Lackagh More, Laragh, Lisdoran, Lisheenkyle East, Lisnadrisha, Loobroe, Loughaunenaghan, Millpark, Mira, Moanbaun, Monard, Monivea, Monivea Demesne, Montpelier, Moor, Mountain North, Mountain South, Mountbrowne, Mountgarret, Moyode, Moyode Demesne, Mulpit, Newcastle, Newford, Nurserypark, Oldcastle, Parkacurry, Parkgarve, Peak, Peakroe, Pollacappul, Pollagh, Pollagooil, Pollavullaun, Pollboy, Pollnabanny, Pollnagroagh, Prospect, Raford, Rahard, Raherneen, Rathfee, Rathgorgin, Rathmorrissy, Rockfield, Roundfield, Ryehill Demesne, Saintellen, Sheeaunpark, Shoodaun, Skeaghaderreen, Skeagharegan, Slieveroe, Templemoyle, Tisaxon, Toberconnelly, Tobernavean, Toberroe, Tooloobaunbeg, Toorkeel, Turloughalanger, Turloughmore, Turloughmore Common,
H71 Clifden Aillebrack, Aillenaveagh, Ardagh, Ardbear, Ardmore, Arkeen Beg, Arkeen More, Atticlogh, Attigoddaun, Aughrus Beg, Aughrus More, Ballinaboy, Ballinaleama, Ballyconneely, Barnahallia, Barnanoraun, Beaghcauneen, Belleek, Boolagare, Boolard, Bunowen Beg, Bunowen More, Cartoorbeg, Claddaghduff, Cleggan, Clifden, Clifden Demesne, Cloghaunard, Cloon, Coolacloy, Couravoughil, Courhoor, Creggoduff, Cruagh, Curhownagh, Cushatrough, Derrigimlagh, Derrycunlagh, Derryeighter, Derrylea, Derryvickrune, Doohulla, Doon, Doonloughan, Drimmeen, Drinagh, Emlagh, Emlagharan, Emlaghdauroe, Emlaghmore, Eyrephort, Fakeeragh, Faul, Foorglass, Fountainhill, Gannoughs, Glen, Glenbrickeen, Gooreen, Gooreenatinny, Gortrummagh, Gowlan West, Grallagh, High Island, Inishturk, Keerhaunmore, Keerhaun North, Keerhaun South, Killymongaun, Kingstown Glebe, Knockavally, Knockbaun, Knockbrack, Laghtanabba, Leagaun, Leaghcarrick, Lehid, Letterdeen, Letternoosh, Lettershanna, Lettershea, Loughauna, Mannin Beg, Mannin More, Maum, Maw, Moorneen, Munga, Patches, Pollrevagh, Rossadillisk, Rusheen, Shanakeever, Shannanagower, Sheeauns, Silverhill, Slieveburke, Streamstown, Sturrakeen, Tievebaun, Tooraskeheen, Townaloughra, Trean, Truska, Tullaghlumman Beg, Tullaghlumman More, Tullyvoheen, Turbot Island,
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