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H91 Galway Abbey East, Abbeytown, Abbey West, Acres, Addergoole, Addragool, Aggard Beg, Aggard More, Aghaglinny North, Aghaglinny South, Aghawinnaun, Ahaglugger, Ahapouleen, Aille, Aillebaun, Aillenacally, Allaphreaghaun, Angliham, Annagh, Annaghdown, Annagh East, Annaghkeelaun, Annaghkeen, Annaghvaan, Annagh West, Annaghwood, Ard, Ardamullivan, Ardaun, Ardderroo, Ardderrynagleragh, Ard East, Ardfintan, Ardfry, Ardgaineen, Ardkyle, Ardmore, Ardnacross Island, Ardnagno, Ardnagreevagh, Ardnasillagh, Ardrahan, Ardrahan North, Ardrahan South, Ardvarna, Ardvarney, Ard West, Ashfield Demesne, Athry, Attifineen, Attirowerty, Attyshonock, Attyslany North, Attyslany South, Aubwee, Aucloggeen, Aughinish, Aughnanure, Aughrim, Avery Island, Ballaghaglash, Ballard East, Ballardiggan, Ballard West, Ballinafad, Ballinderreen, Ballindooly, Ballinduff, Ballinfoile, Ballinillaun, Ballinla, Ballinlisheen, Ballintemple, Ballintleva, Ballinvoher, Balliny North, Balliny South, Ballisnahyny, Ballyallaban, Ballyaneen North, Ballyaneen South, Ballybackagh, Ballybaun, Ballybornagh, Ballyboy, Ballybranagan, Ballybuck North, Ballybuck South, Ballyburke, Ballycahalan, Ballycahill, Ballycasey, Ballyclery, Ballycolgan, Ballyconlought, Ballyconnell, Ballyconry, Ballycuirke East, Ballycuirke West, Ballyculloo, Ballycurrin Demesne, Ballydonnellan, Ballydotia, Ballyeighter, Ballyelly, Ballyfruit, Ballygally, Ballygarraun, Ballygarriff, Ballygeagin, Ballyglass East, Ballyglass West, Ballyhale, Ballyheer, Ballyhehan, Ballyhenry, Ballyhugh, Ballykilladea, Ballylahy, Ballylara, Ballylee, Ballylennan, Ballylin East, Ballylin West, Ballyloughaun, Ballymanagh, Ballymaquiff North, Ballymaquiff South, Ballymarcahaun, Ballymariscal, Ballymoneen, Ballymoneen East, Ballymoneen West, Ballymore, Ballymulfaig, Ballymurphy, Ballynabucky, Ballynacloghy, Ballynacourty, Ballynacregga, Ballynageeha, Ballynageeragh, Ballynagran, Ballynahallia, Ballynahinch, Ballynahivnia, Ballynahown, Ballynahowna, Ballynahown East, Ballynahown North, Ballynahown South, Ballynakill, Ballynakillew, Ballynalacka, Ballynalty, Ballynamanagh East, Ballynamanagh West, Ballynamannin, Ballynamantan, Ballynascragh, Ballynastaig, Ballynew, Ballyogan More, Ballyshea, Ballysheedy, Ballyturin, Ballyvaghan, Ballyvelaghan, Ballyvoher, Ballyvullaun, Ballywinna, Balrickard, Balrobuck Beg, Balrobuck More, Banraghbaun North, Banraghbaun South, Barna, Barnaboy, Barnagorteeny, Barnanang, Barraderry, Barranny, Barratleva, Barratreana, Barravilla, Barrettspark, Barrslievenaroy, Barrusheen, Baunmore, Baunoge, Baunragh, Bauttagh, Beagha, Beagh Beg, Beaghy Island, Beaghy North, Bealaclugga, Bealadangan, Bealnalappa, Behagh, Bellanagarraun, Bellavaum, Berneens, Big Island, Billymore, Birbeg Island, Birmore Island, Birmore Rock, Bishopsquarter, Blackgarden, Blackrock, Blakesmountain, Boheeshal, Bohoona East, Bohoona West, Boleybeg East, Boleybeg West, Boleydorragha, Boleynasruhaun, Boleyneendorrish, Boleyphaudeen, Boleyvaunaun, Bolisheen, Boliska Eighter, Boliska Oughter, Bouleevin, Bovroughaun, Brackloon, Brannock Island, Brannock Island East, Brannock Island Middle, Brannock Island South, Breanloughaun, Bredagh, Breenaun, Brodullagh North, Brodullagh South, Brownes Island, Brownville, Brucken, Buffy, Bullaun, Bullaunagh, Bunanraun, Bunatober, Bundorragha, Bundouglas, Bunnaconeen, Bunnafollistran, Bunnagippaun, Bunnahevelly Beg, Bunnahevelly More, Bunnahow, Bunnahown, Bunnakill, Bunnasillagh, Bunnasrah, Bunnaviskaun, Bunoghanaun, Bunowen, Bunscanniff, Burnthouse, Burrenwee, Bushfield, Caher, Caheradangan, Caheradine, Caheraloggy East, Caheraloggy West, Caherapheepa, Caherateige, Caheratrim, Caherawoneen North, Caherawoneen South, Caherbrian, Caherbroder, Caherbulligin, Cahercarney, Cahercon, Cahercormick, Caherdaly, Caherduff, Cahererillan, Caherfinesker, Caherfurvaus, Cahergal, Caherglassaun, Cahergowan, Caher Island, Caherkelly, Caherkinmonwee, Caherlea, Caherlistrane, Caherlustraun, Cahermacanally, Cahermacnaghten, Cahermaculick, Cahermacun, Cahermore, Cahermorris, Cahernabrock, Cahernaheeny, Cahernalinsky, Cahernashilleeny, Caherpeak East, Caherpeak West, Caherrevagh And Cloonnameeltoge, Caherskeehaun, Caherweelder, Callancruck, Callow, Callowfinish, Callownamuck, Caltragh, Camus Eighter, Camus Oughter, Canower, Canrawer East, Canrawer West, Cappacasheen, Cappagarriff, Cappagh Beg, Cappagh More, Cappagh North, Cappaghoosh, Cappagh South, Cappanabornia, Cappanalaurabaun, Cappanapisha North, Cappanapisha South, Cappanraheen, Cappard Demesne, Cappavarna, Caranavoodaun, Caraun, Caraunkeelwy, Cargin, Carheen, Carheenadiveane, Carheenard, Carheeny, Carheenybaun, Carheeny Beg, Carheeny More, Carhoon, Carna, Carnanthomas, Carnmore, Carnmore East, Carnmore West, Carragh, Carraghadoo, Carraghy, Carra Island, Carraroe, Carrickleagh, Carricknasrugh, Carrigeen East, Carrigeen West, Carrowbaun East, Carrowbaun West, Carrowbeg, Carrowbeg North, Carrowbeg South, Carrowbrowne, Carrowconlaun, Carrowcraheen, Carrowgarriff, Carrowgarriff North, Carrowgarriff South, Carrowkilleen, Carrowlustraun, Carrowmaneen, Carrowmoneash, Carrowmoreknock, Carrowmunna, Carrownacreggaun, Carrownacroagh, Carrownagoul, Carrownagower, Carrownakib, Carrownamaddra, Carrownamona, Carrownamorrissy, Carrownavohanaun, Carrowndulla, Carrownlisheen, Carrownrooaun, Carrowntemple, Carrowoughteragh, Carrowrevagh, Carrowroe North, Carrowroe South, Carrowroe West, Carrowsteelagh, Cartoor, Cartron, Cartronlahan, Cartrontrellick, Cashel, Cashla, Cashleen, Castlecreevy, Castledaly, Castlegar, Castlequarter, Castlequarter Kilkeedy, Castletaylor North, Castletaylor South, Castletown, Cave, Claggan, Clare, Claregalway, Claremount, Cleggan, Clerhaun, Cloghalahard, Cloghanower, Cloghaun, Cloghballymore, Cloghboley, Cloghermore, Cloghernagun, Cloghernalaura, Cloghmore North, Cloghmore South, Cloghmoyne, Cloghnakeava, Cloghroak, Cloghscoltia, Cloonacauneen, Cloonagower, Cloonamore, Cloonanearla, Cloonbanaun, Cloonbeg, Cloonboo, Clooncree, Cloondine, Cloonederowen, Cloonee, Clooniff, Cloonisle, Cloonkeely, Cloonleenaun, Cloonlooaun, Cloonmartin, Cloonmorris, Cloonnabinnia, Cloonnacartan, Cloonnafunshin, Cloonnahaha, Cloonnasee, Cloonnavarnoge, Cloononaghaun, Cloonselherny, Cloonteen, Cloosh, Clooshgereen, Cluidrevagh, Clydagh, Clynagh, Clynagh Island, Coarsefield, Coarsepark, Cockstown East, Cockstown West, Coldwood, Colesgrove, Colt Island, Commons, Coolagh, Coolanillaun, Coolbaun, Coole Demesne, Coolfin, Coolmeen, Cooloorta, Coolraugh, Coolsrahra, Coosaun, Corbally, Corboley, Corcullen, Cordarragh, Corillaun, Corker, Cornarona, Corrandulla, Corranellistrum, Corranroo, Costelloe, Coteenty, Cottage, Cournageeha, Cow Island, Craggagh, Craggy, Crannagh, Crappagh, Craughwell, Creelogh, Cregaclare Demesne, Cregballymore, Cregboy, Cregcarragh, Cregduff, Creggananta, Cregganna Beg, Cregganna More, Cregganore, Creggaturlough, Creggaunycahill, Cregg Demesne, Creggymulgreny, Creglucas, Cregmahon, Cregmore, Cregnanagh, Crinnage, Croaghnakeela Island, Croagh North, Croagh South, Crocknaraw, Croghnut, Crosheen, Cross, Crossderry, Crossooha, Crossursa, Crow Island, Crumlin, Crusheeny, Cuildooish, Cuilleen, Cuilmore, Culfin, Cullagh, Cullenagh Beg, Cullenagh More, Culliagh Beg, Culliagh More, Cur, Curra, Curragh, Curraghduff East, Curraghduff Middle, Curraghduff West, Curraghmore, Currarevagh, Curraun Beg, Curraun Hill, Curraun More, Curraveha, Currawatia, Currywongaun, Curtaun, Cushacorra, Cushatrower, Cushmaigmore, Daley's Island, Dalgan Demesne, Dangan, Davillaun, Dawros Beg, Dawros More, Deerfield, Deerpark, Derravonniff, Derreenatloghtan, Derreen East, Derreenmeel, Derreennagusfoor, Derreen South, Derreen West, Derreighter, Derrintin, Derroogh North, Derroogh South, Derroura, Derry, Derryadd East, Derryadd West, Derrybeg, Derrycallan Commons, Derrycallan North, Derrycallan South, Derryclare, Derrycrih, Derrydonnell Beg, Derrydonnell North, Derryerglinna, Derryherbert, Derryhoyle Beg, Derryhoyle More, Derryinver, Derrykyle, Derrylahan, Derrylaura, Derryloughaun East, Derryloughaun West, Derrylumman, Derrynacleigh, Derrynavglaun, Derrynea, Derryneen, Derryoughter, Derryowen, Derryrush, Derrysillagh, Derryvealawauma, Derryvoghil, Derryvokeel, Derryvoreada, Derryvrisk, Dinish, Dog Island, Dolan, Donaghpatrick, Dooletter East, Dooletter West, Doon, Doonally East, Doonally West, Doonard, Dooneen, Doonowen, Doonreaghan, Doonyvardan, Doorus, Doorus Demesne, Dooruspark, Dooyeher, Dovepark, Drimcong, Drimmavohaun, Drimnahoon, Drimneen, Dromorehill, Drumacoo, Drumbaun, Drumbrickaun, Drumcore, Drum East, Drumgooaun, Drumgriffin, Drumharsna North, Drumharsna South, Drummaveg, Drumminacloghaun, Drumminacoosaun, Drumminalough, Drumminnakill, Drumnadeevna, Drumsnauv, Drum West, Dungory East, Dungory West, Dunkellin, Eagle Rock, Edenhill, Eighterard, Ellagh, Emlagh, Eragh Island South, Erriff, Errisbeg East, Errisbeg West, Ervallagh, Evneenmore Island, Fahymactibbot, Fanore Beg, Fanore More, Farnaun, Farrangavnagh, Farravaun, Faunarooska, Faunin, Fawnarevagh, Fawnmore, Feenagh, Fiddaun, Finavarra Demesne, Finish Island, Finisklin, Finnaun, Finnisglin, Finvarra, Foal Island, Foher, Formoyle East, Formoyle West, Formweel, Forramoyle East, Forramoyle West, Fough East, Fough West, Freaghillaun, Freaghillaun Beg, Freaghillaun More, Freaghillaun South, Freeport, Frenchfort, Frenchpark, Friars Island, Funshin Beg, Funshin More, Furboghgarve, Furnace, Furzypark, Galway, Ganty, Gardenblake, Gardenblake Commons, Gardenham, Garracloon, Garracloon North, Garracloon South, Garrankyle East, Garrankyle West, Garranty, Garraun, Garraunbaun, Garraun Lower, Garraun North, Garraun South, Garraun Upper, Garrivinnagh, Garroman, Garryland, Garrynagry, Garvillaun, Geehy North, Geehy South, Gilroe, Glassillaun, Glasvally, Glenaruid, Glenbrack, Glencoaghan, Glencoh, Glencraff, Glencrees, Glendavock, Glengowla East, Glengowla West, Glenicmurrin, Gleninagh, Gleninagh North, Gleninagh South, Gleninsheen, Glennacally, Glennagarraun, Glennagevlagh, Glennascaul, Glennaun, Glenrevagh, Glentrasna, Glenummera, Glinsk, Golam, Gort, Gortaboy, Gortacarnaun, Gortachalla, Gortadooey, Gortadragaun, Gortaghokera, Gortagowan, Gortaloman, Gortard, Gortarica, Gortaroe, Gortatleva, Gortatober, Gortavoher, Gortboyheen, Gortbrack, Gortcloonmore, Gortdrishagh, Gorteen, Gorteenaniska, Gorteenboy, Gorteennaglogh, Gorteens, Gorterwulla, Gortjordan, Gortnabarnaboy, Gortnaclassagh, Gortnacullia, Gortnaglogh, Gortnagroagh, Gortnahoon, Gortnalecka, Gortnamackan, Gortnamona, Gortnamona East, Gortnamona West, Gortnanark, Gortnaporia, Gortnashingaun, Gortnaskohoge, Gortnasteal, Gortrevagh, Gortrory, Gortskeagh, Gortstuckanagh, Gortyloughlin, Gorumna, Gowla, Gowlan East, Gowlaun, Gowlaunlee, Gragan East, Gragan West, Grange West, Grannagh, Grannagh Beg, Greenfield, Greeve Island, Griggins, Halfcartron, Halfmace, Headford, Hillpark, Hollymount, Hollypark, Hundredacres, Illaunacroghnut, Illaunagreasy, Illaunaknock, Illaunaneel, Illaunaragh, Illaunard, Illaunatraghta, Illaunaveetry, Illaunawehichy, Illaunawullagh Islands, Illauncosheen, Illauncurragilka, Illaundoon, Illauneeragh, Illauneeragh West, Illaunfadda Islands, Illaungorm North, Illaungorm South, Illaungurraig, Illaunmaan, Illaunmore, Illaunnacroagh Beg, Illaunnacroagh More, Illaunnagappul, Illaunnaginga, Illaunnaheltia, Illaunnakirka, Illaunnanownim, Illaunnarroor, Illaunroe, Illaunrossalough, Illeny, Illion, Illion East, Illion West, Inchaboy North, Inchaboy South, Inchacommaun Islands, Inchaghaun, Inchamakinna, Inchiquin, Inish, Inishbarra, Inishbigger, Inishbofin, Inisheer, Inisheltia, Inisherk, Inishlackan, Inishlay, Inishlusk, Inishlyon, Inishmaan, Inishmore, Inishmuskerry, Inishnee, Inishroo, Inishshark, Inishtravin, Inishtreh, Inishtroghenmore, Inishturk, Innplot, Inveran, Island Eddy, Islandmore, Joyces Island, Joyce's Park, Kanrawer, Keamsellagh East, Keamsellagh West, Keeagh, Keekill, Keelderry, Keelkyle, Keeraunbeg, Keeraunnagark North, Keeraunnagark South, Keernaun, Kentfield, Kilbeacanty, Kilbeg, Kilbrickan, Kilcahill, Kilcaimin, Kilcarrooraun, Kilcloggaun, Kilcolgan, Kilconierin, Kilcoona, Kilcorkan, Kilcornan, Kilcrimple, Kildaree, Kildrum, Kilgarriff, Kilgill, Kilkieran, Kilkilvery, Kill, Killafeen, Killagoola, Killaguile, Killamanagh, Killannin, Killarainy, Killeany, Killeely Beg, Killeely More, Killeenaran, Killeenavarra, Killeeneen Beg, Killeeneen More, Killeenhugh, Killeenmacoog North, Killeenmacoog South, Killeenmunterlane North, Killeenmunterlane South, Killeenpatrick, Killinny, Killinny East, Killinny West, Killoghil, Killogilleen, Killola, Killomoran, Killora, Killough, Killourney, Kilmacduagh, Kilmeelickin, Kilmurvy, Kilquain, Kilroe, Kilroe East, Kilroe West, Kilroghter, Kilronan, Kiltacky Beg, Kiltacky More, Kiltartan, Kiltiernan East, Kiltiernan West, Kiltrasna, Kiltroge, Kiltullagh, Kilweelran, Kimmeenmore, Kinincha, Kiniska, Kinlough, Kinmona North, Kinmona South, Kinnelly Islands, Kinvarra, Knock, Knockadav, Knockadoagh, Knockakilleen, Knockalough, Knockanavoddy, Knockaphreaghaun, Knockarasser, Knockatermon, Knockatoo, Knockatoo Mountain, Knockaunatouk, Knockaunawadda, Knockaunbaun, Knockauncoura, Knockaunnacarragh, Knockaunranny, Knockaunsmountain, Knockawuddy, Knockballyclery, Knockbane, Knockbaun, Knockboy, Knockdoebeg East, Knockdoebeg West, Knockdoemore, Knockereen, Knockkillaree, Knocklawrence, Knocknagarrivhan, Knocknagreana, Knocknagroagh, Knocknahaw, Knocknamanagh, Knock North, Knockoura, Knockouran, Knockranny, Knockroe, Knockroe Beg, Knockshanbally, Knock South, Knocktoby, Knockycallanan, Kylebroghlan, Kylecreen, Kylemore, Kylesalia, Lackan, Lackavrea, Lacklea, Laghtgannon, Laghtgeorge, Laghtphilip, Laghtyshaughnessy, Lahardaun, Lakeview, Lakyle, Largan, Large Island, Larragan, Lavally, Lavallyconor, Leagaun, Leagh North, Leagh South, Lealetter, Leam East, Leam West, Lecarrow, Lecarrowmore, Lecknabegga, Lecknavarna, Lee, Leenaun, Lehanagh North, Lehanagh South, Leighon Island, Leitra, Lemnaheltia, Lemonfield, Lenabower, Lenarevagh, Letter, Lettera, Letterard, Letterass, Letter Beg, Letterbreckaun, Letterbrickaun, Lettercallow, Lettercaumus, Lettercraff, Lettercraffroe, Letterdeskert, Letterdife, Lettereeragh, Letterettrin, Letterfir, Letterfore, Letterfrack, Lettergesh East, Lettergesh West, Lettergunnet, Letterkeeghaun, Lettermaglinskin, Lettermas, Lettermore, Letter More, Lettermuckoo, Lettermullan, Letterpeak, Letterpibrum, Lettershanbally, Lettershinna, Lettery, Lickerrig, Limepark North, Limepark South, Lippa, Lisbrine, Liscananaun, Liscoonera, Lisdonagh, Lisgoogan, Lisheen, Lisheenacrannagh, Lisheenakeeran, Lisheenanoran, Lisheenavalla, Lisheeneenaun East, Lisheeneenaun West, Lisheeneynaun, Lisheenielagaun, Lisheenkyle West, Lisheennageeha, Liskevin, Lismacsheedy, Lismacteige, Lismoylan, Lismoyle, Lisnagloos, Lisnagranshy, Lisnagyreeny, Lisnanard, Lisrabirra, Liss, Lissadoill, Lissadulta, Lissagurraun, Lissalondoon, Lissarulla, Lissatunny, Lissindragan, Lissoughter, Lodge, Loughaconeera, Loughaunawadda, Loughaunbeg, Loughawee, Loughburke, Loughcarrick Island, Loughcurra North, Loughcurra South, Lough Cutra Demesne, Loughinch, Loughrask, Luggakeeraun, Lugganaffrin, Lugganimma, Luggatarriff, Luggawannia, Luimnagh East, Luimnagh West, Lurga, Lurgabaun, Lyan, Lydacan, Mace, Maghera Beg, Maghera More, Magheranraheen, Mannin, Manninard, Marshallspark, Mason Island, Maum, Maum East, Maumeen, Maumfin, Maumgawnagh, Maum West, Mausrevagh, Menlough, Middlequarter, Millplot, Minna, Mirehill, Mocollagan, Mocorha, Moneen, Moneen East, Moneenmore, Moneen West, Moneyduff, Moneymore East, Moneymore West, Moneyteige, Monksfield, Monreagh, Monroe, Montiagh North, Montiagh South, Moorgagagh, Mortyclogh, Mountain Common, Mountain West, Mounthenry, Mountross, Mountscribe, Moy, Moyard, Moycola, Moycullen, Moyne, Moyrus, Moyveela, Moyvoon East, Moyvoon West, Muckanaghederdauhaulia, Muckanaghkillew, Muckcoort, Muckinish East, Muckinish West, Muckrush, Muckrush Island, Muggaunagh, Mullaghadrum, Mullaghglass, Mullaghruttery, Mulroog East, Mulroog West, Munnia, Munterowen East, Munterowen Middle, Munterowen West, Murrooghkilly, Murrooghtoohy North, Murrooghtoohy South, Murvagh Island, Murvey, Mweelin, Mweeloon, Mweenish Island, Newhall, Newquay, Newtown, Newtownblake, Newtown Kilcolgan, Newtownlynch, Newvillage, Nineacres, Normangrove, Northampton, North Island, Oakfield, Oddacres, Oghery, Oghil, Oltore, Onaght, Oorid, Oran Beg, Oranhill, Oranmore, Oran More, Ordnance Ground, Oughterard, Oughtmama, Owenbristy, Ower, Palmerstown, Park, Parkaloughan, Parkatleva, Parkeighter, Parkmore, Parkroe, Peak, Peterswell, Pollacappul, Pollacullaire, Pollaghrevagh, Pollataggle, Polldonoghoe, Polleeny, Polleha, Pollkeen, Pollnabunny, Pollnaclogha, Pollnagarragh East, Pollnagarragh West, Pollnaveagh, Porridgetown East, Porridgetown West, Portacarron, Portacarron Beg, Portdarragh, Poulacapple, Poulataggle, Pouleenacoona, Poulmacrih, Poulnabrucky, Poulroe, Poundcartron, Pribbaun, Prospect, Prospecthill, Puck Island, Quakerstown, Rabbit Island, Rabbit Island North, Racepark, Racoona, Rafwee, Raha, Rahaly, Rahaneena, Rahasane, Raheen, Raheen Demesne, Raheen Kilkelly, Raigh, Rakerin, Ralusk, Ramolin, Rathanlon, Rathbaun, Rathcosgry, Rathmoyle, Rathwilladoon, Reaskgarriff, Reaskmore, Recess, Redflag Island, Rindifin, Rinecaha, Rinelea, Ringeelaun, Rinn, Rinnaharney, Rinnaknock, Rinneen, Rinnerroon, Rinrush, Rinville East, Rinville West, Rockhill, Rock Island, Rocklands, Rockpark, Rockvale, Rockwood, Roeillaun, Roevehagh, Roo, Rooaunalaghta, Rooaunmore, Roo Demesne, Rooghaun, Roscrea, Roskeeda, Rosleague, Rosmuck, Rosroe, Rossalia, Rossaveel, Rosscahill East, Rosscahill West, Ross Demesne, Rossroe Island, Roundstone, Roymore, Rusheen, Rusheenduff, Rusheennacholla, Rusheennamanagh, Rusheeny, Rusheenyvulligan, Rushveala, Russaun, Saintclerans, Saint Macdara's Island, Salrock, Salthill, Scalp, Scanlan's Island, Scarriff, Scrahallia, Seafield, Seapoint, Seecon, Seefin, Seershin, Shanaveag, Shanbally, Shanballyduff, Shanballysallagh, Shanboolard, Shanclogh, Shangort, Shankill, Shannadonnell, Shannadullaghaun, Shannafreaghoge, Shannagurraun, Shannakeela, Shannapheasteen, Shannaunnafeola, Shannavara, Shannawagh, Shannawirra, Shannawona, Shannawoneen, Shantallow, Shanvally, Sheeaunroe, Sheshia, Shessanagirba, Shessareagh, Shessy North, Shessy South, Shigaunagh, Shinnanagh, Shrule, Shrulegrove, Skeaghbeg, Slieveaneena, Slieveaun, Slievefin, Slieveroe, Snauvbo, Spiddle, Spiddle East, Spiddle Middle, Spiddle West, Srahatloe, Srahlea, Sroove, Srue, Stonepark, Stradbally East, Stradbally North, Stradbally South, Stradbally West, Straw Island, Streamstown, Stripe, Tallowroe, Tarramud, Tarrea, Tawin East, Tawin West, Tawnaghbaun, Tawnaghbeg, Tawnagh East, Tawnaghmore, Tawnagh West, Tawnyinlough, Tawnynoran, Teeranea, Teernakill North, Teernakill South, Teevnabinnia, Templebannagh, Templemartin, Termon, Terryland, Tievebreen, Tievegarriff, Tievemore, Tiraloughan, Tirneevin, Toberacreggaun, Toberbrackan, Tobercrossaun, Tobernadarry, Tomnahulla, Tonabrocky, Tonacooleen, Tonacrick, Tonacurragh, Tonadooravaun, Tonagarraun, Tonamace, Tonarussa, Tonatleva, Tonranny, Tonranny Mountain, Tonroe, Tonwee, Tonweeroe, Toombeola, Toorard, Toorclogher, Tooreen, Tooreena, Tooreenacoona, Tooreen East, Tooreen West, Tooreeny, Treankyle, Treanlaur, Treanmanagh, Trellick, Truskaunnagappul, Trusky East, Trusky West, Tubber, Tulla, Tullaghaboy, Tullaghmore, Tullira, Tullokyne, Tully, Tully Beg, Tullybrattan, Tullyconor, Tullymackan, Tully More, Tullyvealnaslee, Tullyvrick, Tumnasrah, Turavaghla, Turlough, Turloughbeg, Turloughcor, Turloughgarve, Turloughkeeloge, Turloughmore, Turloughnacloghdoo Commons, Turra Beg, Turra More, Tyrone, Uggool, Ulrith, Ungwee, Walsh's Island, Waterdale, Westquarter, Woodpark, Wormhole,
V14 Shannon Ballycasey Beg, Ballycasey More, Ballyhennessy, Ballymurtagh, Caherteige, Clonmoney South, Clonmoney West, Drumgeely, Drumline, Firgrove, Lismacleane, Rineanna South, Shannon, Smithstown, Tullyglass, Tullyvarraga,
V15 Kilrush Acres, Ahaga, Aillroe Beg, Alva, Aughagarna, Ballard, Ballina, Ballyartney, Ballycurraun, Ballygeery East, Ballygeery West, Ballykett, Ballymacrinan, Ballymacurtaun, Ballynagun East, Ballynagun West, Ballynote East, Ballynote West, Ballyonan, Ballyurra, Baunmore, Bellia, Bleanmore, Bohyodaun, Boolynamweel, Breaghva, Brisla East, Brisla West, Burrane Lower, Burrane Upper, Burrenfadda, Caheraghacullin, Cahercannavan, Caherfeenick North, Caherfeenick South, Caherlean, Cahermurphy, Cammoge, Cappagh, Carrigaholt, Carrow, Carrowbane, Carrowblough Beg, Carrowblough More, Carrowdotia North, Carrowdotia South, Carrowfree, Carrowmore, Carrowmore South, Carrownaweelaun, Carrowncalla North, Carrowncalla South, Carrowniska North, Carrowniska South, Carrowreagh East, Carrowreagh West, Cassarnagh, Castlepark, Clarefield, Cloghaunbeg, Cloghaunsavaun, Clonderalaw, Cloonarass, Cloonconeen, Clooncullin, Cloondrinagh, Clooneenagh, Clooneylissaun, Cloonkerry East, Cloonkerry West, Cloonkett, Cloonmore, Cloonnakilla, Cloonreddan, Cloonsnaghta, Cloonwhite North, Cloonwhite South, Colmanstown, Coolmeen, Coolmuinga, Cooraclare, Corbally, Craghera, Cranny, Creegh, Creegh North, Creegh South, Cross, Cross Beg, Crossderry, Dangananella East, Dangananella West, Derriniddane, Derrygeeha, Derrylough, Derrynalecka, Derryshaan, Doonaha, Doonaha East, Doonaha West, Doonbeg, Doonmore, Doonnagurroge, Drimna, Drumdigus, Drumellihy, Dunneill, Durha, Dysert, Einagh, Emlagh, Erribul, Farrihy, Feagarroge, Feeard, Fodry, Foohagh, Furroor Lower, Furroor Upper, Garraunnatooha, Glascloon, Glenconaun More, Glenmore, Gortnaskagh, Gowerhass, Gower North, Gower South, Greygrove, Kilbaha, Kilbaha North, Kilbaha South, Kilballyowen, Kilcarroll, Kilcasheen, Kilcloher, Kilcredaun, Kildeema, Kilfearagh, Kilkee, Kilkee Lower, Kilkee Upper, Kilkerin, Killard, Killeenagh, Killinny, Killofin, Kilmacduane East, Kilmacduane West, Kilmihil, Kilmurry East, Kilmurry West, Kilnagalliagh, Kilrush, Kiltrellig, Kiltumper, Knock, Knockaderreen, Knockerry East, Knockerry West, Knockmore, Knocknagarhoon, Knocknahooan, Knockphutteen, Labasheeda, Lacken, Lack West, Lakyle North, Lakyle South, Leadmore East, Leadmore West, Leaheen, Leitrim, Lisdeen, Lisgurreen, Lisheencrony, Lisheenfurroor, Lisheenydeen, Lisluinaghan, Lismuse, Lissalougha, Lissanair, Lissyvurriheen, Moanmore Lower, Moanmore North, Moanmore South, Moanmore Upper, Molougha, Moneen, Mountrivers, Mountshannon East, Mountshannon West, Moveen East, Moveen West, Moy, Moyadda Beg, Moyadda More, Moyarta East, Moyarta West, Moyasta, Moyfadda, Moyne, Newtown, Newtown East, Newtown West, Oughterard, Parknamoney, Poulnadarree, Prospect, Querrin, Quilty, Rahaniska, Rahona East, Rahona West, Rapepark, Rehy East, Rehy West, Rinemackaderrig, Scattery Island, Shanganagh, Sheeaun, Shessiv, Slievedooley, Sragh, Tarmon, Teernagloghane, Teervarna, Termon East, Termon West, Thomastown, Tonavoher, Trusklieve, Tullabrack, Tullabrack East, Tullabrack West, Tullagower, Tullaher, Tullaroe, Tullig, Tullycreen Lower, Tullycreen Upper,
V95 Ennis Addroon, Affick, Aglish, Ahasla, Aillbrack, Ailldavore, Aillroe More, Aillwee, Anneville, Applefort, Applevale, Ardbooly Lower, Ardbooly Upper, Ardcarney, Ardeamush, Ardkyle, Ardmaclancy, Ardmore, Ardnacraa, Ardnacullia North, Ardnacullia South, Ardnagla, Ardnahea, Ardrush, Ardsollus, Attycristora, Attyterrila, Aughavinna, Aughiska Beg, Aughiska More, Ayleacotty, Ballagh, Ballaghafadda East, Ballaghafadda West, Ballaghaline, Ballaghboy, Ballard, Balleen, Ballingaddy East, Ballingaddy West, Ballinooskny, Ballinphunta, Ballinruan, Ballintlea North, Ballintlea South, Ballyalla, Ballyallia, Ballyasheea, Ballybaun, Ballybeg, Ballyblood, Ballybreen, Ballybrody, Ballybroughan, Ballycahan, Ballycally, Ballycar, Ballycar North, Ballycarroll, Ballycasheen, Ballyclancahill, Ballycloghessy, Ballyconneely, Ballyconnoe North, Ballyconnoe South, Ballyconry, Ballycorey, Ballycorick, Ballycotteen North, Ballycotteen South, Ballycrighan, Ballycullaun, Ballyculleeny, Ballycullen, Ballycullinan, Ballycunneen, Ballydeely, Ballydonohoe, Ballydoora, Ballyduff, Ballyduff Beg, Ballyduff More, Ballyduneen, Ballyea, Ballyea North, Ballyea South, Ballyellery, Ballyfaudeen, Ballyganner North, Ballyganner South, Ballygassan, Ballygastell, Ballygirreen, Ballygoonaun, Ballygriffy North, Ballygriffy South, Ballyhannan North, Ballyhannan South, Ballyharraghan, Ballyhee, Ballyheean, Ballyhenna, Ballyherragh, Ballyhickey, Ballyhomulta, Ballyillaun, Ballyinsheen Beg, Ballyinsheen More, Ballykeel North, Ballykeel South, Ballykilty, Ballykinnacora North, Ballykinnacora South, Ballykinvarga, Ballyknock, Ballylaan, Ballylannidy, Ballyleaan, Ballyliddan East, Ballyliddan West, Ballyline, Ballymacahill, Ballymacaula, Ballymackea Beg, Ballymackea More, Ballymaclinaun, Ballymacloon East, Ballymacloon North, Ballymacloon West, Ballymacnevin, Ballymaconna, Ballymacooda, Ballymacravan, Ballymacrogan East, Ballymacrogan West, Ballymahony, Ballymaley, Ballymaquiggin, Ballymarkahan, Ballymihil, Ballymongaun, Ballymorris, Ballymulcashel, Ballymulqueeny, Ballymurphy, Ballynabinnia, Ballynacally, Ballynacarhagh, Ballynacragga, Ballynagard, Ballynagonnaghtagh, Ballynagranagh, Ballynahown, Ballynalackan, Ballyneillan, Ballynevan, Ballynew, Ballynoe, Ballyogan, Ballyogan Beg, Ballyortla North, Ballyortla South, Ballyoughtra, Ballyportry North, Ballyportry South, Ballyroe, Ballyroughan North, Ballyroughan South, Ballyryan, Ballysallagh, Ballysallagh East, Ballysallagh West, Ballyscanlan, Ballyshanny, Ballysheen Beg, Ballysheen More, Ballyslattery, Ballysteen, Ballytarsna, Ballyteernan, Ballyteige, Ballyteige East, Ballyteige West, Ballyvanna, Ballyvara, Ballyvaskin North, Ballyvaskin South, Ballyvergin, Ballyveskil, Ballyvoe, Ballyvohane, Ballyvonnavaun, Ballyvorda, Ballyvorgal Beg, Ballyvorgal North, Ballyvorgal South, Ballyvranneen, Ballyvrislaun, Ballyvroghaun Eighter, Ballyvroghaun Oughter, Ballyvullagan, Bansha, Barefield, Barloughra, Barnanageeha, Barntick, Baunkyle, Bauntlieve, Baur North, Baur South, Beaghy, Bealcragga, Bealickania, Bealnalicka, Bearnafunshin, Belvoir, Belvoir Demesne, Beneden, Binvoran, Blean, Boghil, Boheraroan, Boherboy, Boherbullog, Bolooghra, Boloona, Boolavaun, Boolinrudda, Booltiagh, Booltiaghadine, Booltydoolan, Boolybrien, Boolyduff, Boolynagleragh, Boolynaknockaun, Boolynamiscaun, Boolyneaska, Breaffy North, Breaffy South, Breaghva East, Breaghva West, Breckinish, Brickhill East, Brickhill West, Bunavory, Buncraggy, Bunnabinnia North, Bunnabinnia South, Bunnanagat North, Bunnanagat South, Bunnow, Bunratty, Bunratty East, Bunratty West, Burren, Bushypark, Caheraderry, Caheraphuca, Caherbannagh, Caherbarnagh, Caherblonick North, Caherblonick South, Caherbullaun, Caherbullog, Cahercalla, Caherclanchy, Cahercloggaun, Caherconnell, Cahercorcaun, Caherea, Cahereamore, Caherfadda, Cahergrillaun, Caherkinallia, Caherkine, Caherloghan, Caherlooskaun, Caherlough, Cahermaan, Cahermackateer, Cahermackirilla, Cahermaclanchy, Cahermacon, Cahermacrea, Cahermacrusheen, Cahermakerrila, Caherminnaun East, Caherminnaun West, Cahermore, Cahernalough, Cahernamona, Caherogan, Caherrush, Caherscooby, Cahershaughnessy, Cahersherkin, Caherycahill, Caherycoosaun, Cahiracon, Cahircalla Beg, Cahircalla More, Calluragh, Calluragh East, Calluragh South, Calluragh West, Canon Island, Cant, Cappafeean, Cappagarraun, Cappagh, Cappagh Beg, Cappaghcastle, Cappaghkennedy, Cappaghlodge, Cappagh More, Cappagh North, Cappagh South, Cappahard, Cappalaheen, Cappalea North, Cappalea South, Cappamore, Cappanageeragh, Cappanakilla, Cappanalaght, Cappanapeasta, Cappanavarnoge, Carhoo, Carnaun, Carncreagh, Carnmallow, Carrahan, Carrahil, Carran, Carrigerry, Carrigoran, Carrow, Carrowbane, Carrowdotia, Carrowduff, Carroweragh, Carrowkeel, Carrowkeel Beg, Carrowkeel East, Carrowkeel More, Carrowkeel West, Carrowkilla, Carrowlagan, Carrowmanagh North, Carrowmanagh South, Carrowmeer, Carrowmore, Carrowmore North, Carrownaclogh, Carrownacloghy, Carrownagarraun, Carrownagry North, Carrownagry South, Carrownahooan East, Carrownahooan West, Carrownakilly, Carrownalegaun, Carrownamaddra, Carrownanelly, Carrownerribul, Carrowntedaun, Carrownycleary, Carrowroe, Carrowvere, Castlecrine, Castlefergus, Castlelake, Castlequarter, Castletown, Clab, Clareabbey, Clarecastle, Clare Commons, Clarehill, Claureen, Clenagh, Clifden, Clogga, Cloghaun, Cloghaun Beg, Cloghaundine, Cloghauninchy, Cloghaun More, Cloghaunnatinny, Clogher, Cloghlea, Cloghleagh, Cloghoolia, Clonbrick, Clonlea, Clonloghan, Clonmoney North, Clonroad Beg, Clonroad More, Cloona, Cloonadrum, Cloonagowan, Cloonaherna, Cloonaleary, Cloonanaha, Cloonanass, Cloonaveigh, Cloonawee, Cloonawillin, Cloonbony, Cloonbooly, Clooncaurha, Clooncolman, Clooncoose, Clooncoul, Cloondanagh, Cloondoorney Beg, Cloondoorney More, Cloondrinagh, Clooneen, Clooney, Clooneybreen, Clooney North, Clooneyogan North, Clooneyogan South, Clooney South, Cloonfeagh, Cloonfeaghra, Cloonfurrihis, Cloongarve, Cloongowna, Cloonkerry, Cloonlaheen, Cloonlaheen East, Cloonlaheen Middle, Cloonlaheen West, Cloonmackan, Cloonmoney, Cloonmunnia, Cloonnagarnaun, Cloonnagloghaun, Cloonnakilla, Cloonomra, Cloonsheerea, Cloontabonniv, Cloonteen, Cloontohil, Cloontra, Cloontra East, Cloontra West, Cloontymurphy, Cloontysmarra, Cloonulla, Cloverhill, Coad, Cohy, Commonage, Commons, Commons North, Commons South, Coney Island, Connolly, Cooga, Coogaun, Cooguquid, Coogyulla, Cooleabeg, Cooleamore, Coolnatullagh, Coolpeekaun, Coolshamroge, Coolshingaun, Coolsuppeen, Coolteengowan, Coolycasey, Coor, Coor East, Coor West, Corbally, Corebeg, Corkanaknockaun, Corlack, Corlea, Cornfield, Corraige, Corrofin, Coskeam, Crag, Cragard, Cragaweelcross, Cragballyconoal, Cragbrien, Cragbwee, Cragg, Craggaknock East, Craggaknock West, Craggataska, Craggaun, Craggaunboy, Craggaunowen, Craggycorradan East, Craggycorradan West, Craggykerrivan, Cragleagh, Cragnagower, Cragnarooan, Cragreagh, Cragroe, Cranagher, Cratloe, Cratloekeel, Cratloemoyle, Creehaun, Creevagh, Creevagh Beg, Creevagh More, Cregavockoge, Creggaun, Creggaunnahilla, Cregmoher, Crininish, Croaghaun, Cronagort East, Cronagort West, Crossagh, Crossard, Crosscornaun, Cross More, Crovraghan, Crughwill, Crusheen, Cullaun, Culleen, Cullenagh, Curraderra, Curraghadoo, Curraghkeel, Curraghkilleen, Curraghmoghaun, Curraghodea, Cutteen, Cutteen Beg, Cutteen More, Dabrian, Dangan, Danganbrack, Darragh North, Darragh South, Deelin Beg, Deelin More, Deerpark, Deerpark Lower, Deerpark Middle, Deerpark North, Deerpark South, Deerpark Upper, Deerpark West, Dehomad, Derragh, Derreen, Derroolagh, Derrybrick, Derrycalliff, Derrygarriff, Derryharriv, Derrylea, Derrymore, Derrymore West, Derrynacarragh, Derrynageeha, Derrynagleragh, Derrynaheilla, Derrynavahagh, Derrynaveagh, Derryulk Lower, Derryulk Middle, Derryulk Upper, Derryvet, Derryvinnaan, Donnybrook, Doolin, Doolough, Doonaun, Dooneen, Doonmacfelim, Doonnagore, Doonogan, Doonsallagh East, Doonsallagh West, Dough, Drim, Drinagh, Dromeen, Dromoland, Dromore, Drumadrehid, Drumanure, Drumatehy, Drumbaun, Drumbiggil, Drumbonniv, Drumcaran Beg, Drumcaran More, Drumcarna, Drumcavan, Drumcliff, Drumcullaun, Drumcurreen, Drumdoolaghty, Drumduff, Drumeevin, Drumgloon, Drumgranagh, Druminshin, Drumlesh, Drummaghmartin, Drummanneen, Drummeen East, Drummeen West, Drummeer, Drummina, Drumminacknew, Drumminakela, Drumminnagran, Drummoher, Drumnagah, Drumquin, Drumsallagh, Drumullan, Drumumna, Dulick, Durra, Dysert, Eantybeg North, Eantybeg South, Eanty More, Edenvale, Effernan, Elmvale, Emlagh, Enagh East, Enagh North, Enagh West, Ennis, Ennistimon, Erinagh Beg, Erinagh More, Eyrehill, Fahanlunaghta Beg, Fahanlunaghtamore, Fahee North, Fahee South, Faherlaghroe, Fanaleen, Fanta Glebe, Fanygalvan, Faunrusk, Feagh, Feaghquin, Feagreen, Feenish, Feighroe, Finanagh, Finlough, Finnor Beg, Finnor More, Fintra Beg, Fintra More, Foilrim, Fomerla, Formoyle Eighteragh, Formoyle Oughteragh, Fortfergus, Fortwilliam, Fountain, Freaghavaleen, Freaghcastle, Furhee, Furraglaun, Furroor, Gallowshill, Garruragh, Garrynagry, Garrynamona, Garryncallaha, Garryncurra, Garvillaun, Garvoghil, Gaurus, Glasha Beg, Glasha More, Glebe, Glencolumbkille North, Glencolumbkille South, Glenconaun Beg, Glendine North, Glendine South, Glenletternafinny, Glennageer, Glen North, Glenquin, Glensleade, Glen South, Glenwood, Gortaclare, Gortaclob, Gortaficka, Gortaganniv, Gortalougha, Gortaniska, Gortataggart, Gortbofarna, Gortcooldurrin, Gortcurka, Gorteenaneelig, Gorteenmacnamara, Gorteennaguppoge, Gortkeel, Gortlecka, Gortlurkaun, Gortmore, Gortnaboul, Gortnaclohy, Gortnacorragh, Gortnacurra, Gortnaglearagh, Gortnaglogh, Gortnahaha, Gortnamearacaun, Gortnamuck, Gortnanool, Gortnavreaghaun, Gortygeeheen, Gowlaun, Granaghan, Granaghan Beg, Granaghan More, Gregmoher, Heathmount, Ieverstown, Illaun, Illaunatoo, Illaunbaun, Inagh, Inchbeg, Inchicronan Island, Inchiquin, Inch More, Ing, Ing East, Ing West, Inishaellaun, Inishcorker, Inishdea, Inishloe, Inishmacnaghtan, Inishmacowney, Inishmore, Inishtubbrid, Iskancullin, Island, Islandavanna Lower, Islandavanna Upper, Islandgar, Islandmacnevin, Islandmagrath, Islandmore, Keelhilla, Keelkyle, Keelty, Keevagh, Kells, Kihaska, Kilboggoon, Kilbreckan, Kilcarragh, Kilclehaun, Kilcloher, Kilcolumb, Kilconnell, Kilcorcoran, Kilcornan, Kilcorney, Kilcorney Glebe, Kilcurrish, Kildeema North, Kildeema South, Kildrum, Kilduff Lower, Kilduff Middle, Kilduff Upper, Kilfarboy, Kilfeilim, Kilfenora, Kilglassy, Kilgobban, Kilkee East, Kilkee West, Kilkieran, Kilkishen, Kilkishen Demesne, Killadysert, Killanena, Killaspuglonane, Killawinna, Killeany, Killeen, Killeenan, Killeinagh, Killerk East, Killerk West, Killernan, Killian, Killilagh, Killinaboy, Killow, Killulla, Kilmaleery, Kilmaley, Kilmoculla, Kilmoon East, Kilmoon West, Kilmoraun, Kilmore, Kilmore North, Kilmore South, Kilmurry, Kilnacally, Kilnacrandy, Kilnacreagh, Kilnamona, Kilnasoolagh, Kilquane, Kilshanny, Kiltaan, Kiltanon, Kiltennan North, Kiltennan South, Kilvoydan, Kilvoydan North, Kilvoydan South, Kineilty, Kinlea, Kinturk, Knappoge, Knock, Knockacarn, Knockacaurhin, Knockaclara, Knockacullea North, Knockacullea South, Knockadangan, Knockaderry, Knockadoon, Knockaguilla, Knockalassa, Knockalehid, Knockaloaghan, Knockalough, Knockaluskraun, Knockanalban, Knockanean, Knockaneden, Knockanimana, Knockaninaun, Knockanira, Knockanoura, Knockans Lower, Knockans Upper, Knockanulty, Knockaphreaghaun, Knockaskeheen, Knockaskibbole, Knockatemple, Knockatinty, Knockatooreen, Knockatullaghaun, Knockatunna, Knockaun, Knockaunanerrigal, Knockaunroe, Knockaunvickteera, Knockavoarheen, Knockbrack, Knockdrumleague, Knockdrummagh North, Knockdrummagh South, Knockhogan, Knockloskeraun, Knockmael East, Knockmael West, Knockmoy, Knockmurragha, Knocknagoug, Knocknagraigue East, Knocknagraigue West, Knocknahila Beg, Knocknahila More North, Knocknahila More South, Knocknalappa, Knocknamucky, Knocknaraha, Knocknaranhy, Knocknareeha, Knocknaskeagh, Knockneppy, Knockogonnell, Knockpatrick, Knockreagh, Knockreddan, Knocksaggart, Knockshanvo, Knopoge, Kylea, Kyleatunna, Lack, Lackamore, Lackannashinnagh, Lackareagh, Lack East, Lackennaskagh, Laghcloon, Laghile, Laghtagoona, Laghtmurreda, Laghvally, Lahardan, Langough, Lanna, Laraghakea, Lassana, Latoon North, Latoon South, Lavally, Lavally North, Lavally South, Lavarreen, Leagard North, Leagard South, Leamaneh North, Leamaneh South, Leamaneigh Beg, Leamaneigh More, Leamnaleaha, Leana, Lecarrow Beg, Lecarrow More, Lecarrow South, Leckaun, Leeds, Lehaknock, Lehinch, Letteragh, Letterkelly, Lickeen East, Lickeen West, Licknaun, Lifford, Lisbiggeen, Liscannor, Liscasey, Lisconor, Liscormick, Liscullaun, Lisdoonvarna, Lisdoony East, Lisdoony West, Lisduff, Lisheen, Lisheeneagh, Lisheenvicknaheeha, Lisket, Lislarheenbeg, Lislarheenmore, Lislea, Lislorkan North, Lislorkan South, Lismoher, Lismorahaun, Lismorris, Lismuinga East, Lismuinga West, Lismulbreeda, Lisnafaha, Lisnanroum, Lispuckaun, Lisroe, Lissan East, Lissan West, Lissatunna, Lissofin, Lissyline, Lissylisheen, Lissyneillan, Loughaunnaweelaun, Loughaun North, Loughaun South, Loughburke, Loughnagowan, Loughvella, Luogh North, Luogh South, Lurraga, Madara, Maghera, Magherabaun, Magheraweeleen, Magowna, Magowna East, Magowna West, Mahonburgh, Manusmore, Martry, Maryville, Mauricesmills, Mausnarylaan, Meanagh, Meelick, Meggagh East, Meggagh West, Milltown, Milltown Malbay, Moananagh, Moanreel North, Moanreel South, Moarhaun, Mogouhy, Mogullaan, Moheramoylan, Moheraroon, Moherbullog, Mollaneen, Molosky, Monanaleen, Monanoe, Mooghaun North, Mooghaun South, Mooghna, Mount, Mountcashel, Mountievers, Mountrice, Moy Beg, Moygalla, Moyglass Beg, Moyglass More, Moygowna, Moyhill, Moyhullin, Moymore, Moy More, Moymore North, Moymore South, Moyree Commons, Moyriesk, Muckanagh, Muckinish, Mullagh, Mutton Island, Mweelagarraun, Newhall, Newmarket, Newmarket On Fergus, Newpark, Nooaff East, Nooaff West, Nooan, Noughaval, Nutfield, Oatfield, O'Brienscastle, Ooankeagh, Oughtdarra, Parkalough, Parknabinnia, Pollagh, Porsoon, Portdrine, Portlecka, Poulacarran, Poulaforia, Poulanine, Poulaphuca, Poulawack, Poulawillin, Poulbaun, Poulcaragharush, Poulgorm, Pouliskaboy, Poulnabrone, Poulnagun, Poulnalour, Poulnaskagh, Pullagh, Quilty, Quilty East, Quilty West, Quin, Quingardens, Quinville North, Quinville South, Racorcraun, Rafline, Ranaghan, Rannagh, Rannagh East, Rannagh West, Rath, Rathbaun, Rath Beg, Rathcahaun, Rathclooney, Rathcraggaun, Rathcrony, Rathfolan, Rathkerry, Rathlaheen North, Rathlaheen South, Rathluby, Rathmeehan, Rath More, Rathvergin, Reaghfa, Reanagishagh, Reaskaun, Reaskcamoge, Renalicka, Rine, Rineanna North, Rineroe, Rinerrinagh, Rinnamona, Rinneen, Rinroe, Rooska, Rosroe, Rosscliff, Rosslevan, Rossmanagher, Roughan, Roughaun, Roxton, Ruan, Ruan Commons, Rushaun, Rusheen, Russa, Rylane, Scalpnagown, Scool, Seafield, Seersha, Shallee, Shanavogh East, Shanavogh West, Shanbally, Shandangan, Shandangan East, Shandangan West, Shandrum, Shannacool, Shannakea Beg, Shannakea More, Shantulla, Shanvogh, Sheeaun, Sheshodonnell East, Sheshodonnell West, Sheshymore, Shessiv, Shingaunagh North, Shingaunagh South, Sileshaun East, Sileshaun West, Silverhill, Sixmilebridge, Skaghvickincrow, Skehanagh, Sladoo, Slaghbooly, Slievealoughaun, Slievecarran, Slievenabillog, Slievenageeragh, Slievenaglasha, Slievenagry, Slievenalicka, Smithstown, Snaty, Snugborough, Soheen, Sooreeny, Spanish Point, Spaug, Springfield, Sraheen, Sranagalloon, Sroohil, Stonehall, Sunnagh, Teeraghbeg, Teergonean, Teerleheen, Teermaclane, Teermulmoney, Teernea, Teernea Commons, Teeronaun, Teeronea, Teeskagh, Termon, Toberaniddaun, Tonlegee, Toomullin, Toonagh, Toonagh Commons, Toor, Tooreen East, Tooreen West, Toormore, Toornahooan, Treanmanagh, Treannahow, Tromracastle, Tromra East, Tromra West, Tulla, Tullagh, Tullaghaboy, Tullagh Lower, Tullagh Upper, Tullagroe, Tullaloughaun, Tullamore, Tullassa, Tullycommon, Tullygarvan East, Tullygarvan West, Tullyodea, Tullyvoghan, Turkenagh, Tyredagh Lower, Tyredagh Upper, Uggoon Lower, Urlan Beg, Urlan More, Woodmount,
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